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9 Unknown Breonna Taylor Facts!

Breonna Taylor case Breonna Taylor’s case triggers intense emotions. Many emotions stem from misconceptions, false facts, and false stories. Here are the real Breonna Taylor facts.

Like “hands up, don’t shoot,” “Jacob Blake wasn’t armed.” There’s an “epidemic of police killing blacks” or “police violence,” the media has perpetuated myths, outright fiction, and false stories that have sparked outrage in the black community, which can destroy American cities. It’s more crucial than ever before, given the present climate, to understand facts about Breonna Taylor facts truthfully.

A few of these false stories have led to recent shifts in public policy. Consider no-knock searches as an example Warrants. Since the mainstream media have reported falsely, they had heard that Breonna Taylor was killed in executing an order with no-knock cities such as Louisville, Orlando, Memphis, and Indianapolis have all banned the practice. In Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers and Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes presented a plan which included a ban on warrants that require no-knock. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) proposed the “Justice For Breonna Taylor Act,” which would have prohibited federal law enforcement agencies from using warrants that require no-knock.

The problem is that it was not accurate. Let’s go over Breonna Taylor’s facts as we know them. Breonna Taylor facts as they are now.

Breonna Taylor Facts

1. The Officers Executed the Search Warrant by “No Knock.”

Google Breonna Taylor and “no-knock search warrant,” and you’ll find a plethora of news stories from reliable media outlets claiming that the officers, with a “no-knock search warrant,” did not knock on the door on Taylor’s door when they entered her apartment. The truth is that they didn’t.

The truth: they knocked on the door and declared themselves in the words of an Attorney General as well as a witness.

2. Breonna Was Sleeping in Bed When Shot

Truth: She could be asleep when the officers first approached her, but she was in the hallway when she was shot. Officers retaliated because her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired a gun in the first place and hit one officer, as reported by the Courier-Journal.

The paper stated that the people heard banging at the door as they watched the movie in the bed.

3. Officers Were at the Wrong House

Reliability: Breonna Taylor facts: The police were in the right house. They were able to obtain a narcotics search warrant signed in the name of Breonna Taylor and Jamarcus Glover. Breonna Taylor and her ex-partner, Jamarcus Glover, a felon convicted and drug dealer who was the target in the probe.

4. The Officer Who Was Charged, Shot Breonna

Truth: No, officer Brett Hankison’s bullets did not hit Taylor, and he was not accused of that. A grand jury charged Hankison on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for the rounds he fired, which struck an apartment adjacent to the one he was shooting at. Louisville PD has since dismissed Hankison, interim police chief Robert Schroeder accused of “blindly” shooting 10 rounds into Taylor’s residence. A grand jury accused Hankison on three counts of first-level wanton endangerment.

Officers who shot the bullets that hit Taylor weren’t charged as the shootings were judged to be justified self-defense.

5. The Officers Fired First

Truth: the boyfriend of Taylor, Kenneth Walker, fired first, hitting an officer. The police responded with fire. They were not indicted, and it was declared self-defense.

In the words of The New York Times, “the officers did not shoot first — it was the young woman’s boyfriend who opened fire, striking one officer in the leg.”

Cameron said Cameron during his news conference that “Walker admitted he fired one shot and was the first to shoot.” The bullet hit an officer’s leg.

6. The Officers Who Shot Breonna Were Responsible for the Search Warrant

The truth: Breonna Taylor facts: The police officers who served the search warrant and then opened the fire – didn’t apply for or get the warrant. They were assigned only to serve the search warrant.

As per WHAS 11, the officers “were called into duty to help effectuate the search warrant and were not involved in the obtaining of that warrant.”

Cameron confirmed this during the press conference declaring that the officers in the apartment at the time were “no known involvement ” in the…obtainment of the warrant to search.

7. Taylor’s Current Boyfriend Was a Drug Dealer

Fact: Kenneth Walker, who shot at police, isn’t a person with any drug-related background. People are comparing him to Jamarcus Glover, Breonna’s former boyfriend, who has a history of drug use.

8. Breonna Was Shot 8 Times

In the civil lawsuit filed in the case against Louisville officers who fatally shot and killed Taylor, the family lawyers stated that Taylor had been “shot at least eight times by the officers’ gunfire and died as a result.” Many news media also said the fact that Taylor received eight shots.

The truth: Breonna Taylor facts: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron clarified that Taylor was shot six times in the press conference, noting that six “projectile” was found in one of Taylor’s feet.

9. Friendly Fire Struck Sgt. Mattingly in the Thigh

The lawyer for Walker, Steve Romines, told The Courier-Journal that Walker was not the one to fire the bullet that hit Sergeant in his examination of evidence. Jonathan Mattingly in the thigh.

“We know the police are firing wildly from various angles,” attorney Steve Romines said. “The timeline and evidence at the scene are more indicative of (police) shooting Mattingly than it is Kenny Walker.”

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