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60+ Did You Know Facts!!

Want to fill up you buckets with unrelated information or simply looking for something exciting and new to discuss with your children? “Did you know facts” are the perfect choice. 

Every interesting fact provides a variety of (and could we say “useless?”) information ideal to share in a flash. These are the types of facts that will stay in your mind and are only revealed at the right moment.

You might not be able to remember the percentage of left-handed people when someone asks you off-hand questions. It could come to mind the next time your child complains that they are left-handed. 

If this occurs, you’ll be delighted to show them how unique they are considering that only 11 percent of us have left-hand dominant. The “did you know” facts might not help you get huge on JEOPARDY however they will certainly assist you in navigating boring dinner parties or car journeys.

Did You Know Facts

1. August is the month with the most amount of babies born.

2. The most used alphabetic letter can be found in “E.”

3. The urine of a penguin makes up around 33% of the Antarctica glaciers.

4. In Italy it is commonplace to refer to Mickey Mouse “Topolino.”

5. Grapes explode when microwaved.

6. A minute of kissing can consume about 26 calories.

7. Only two countries have the color purple on their flags.

8. They are vegan.

9. Dolly Parton once entered a lookalike contest, but was defeated by the man.

10. The Aztecs created popcorn.

11. The average person is asleep in just seven minutes.

12. Rats can be funny.

13. To keep from crying while cutting onions, put an item of bread within your mouth.

14. Hippos are more deadly than sharks. (Still believe Fiona is cute?)

15. A typical person will swallow around eight spiders during their entire life.

16. The Armadillos have four children each time and they’re identical sexes.

17. The fortune cookie did not originate from China however, it was actually created it was actually created in San Francisco.

18. At night, our eyes can see the glow of a candle about a mile away.

19. A cat’s ear has 32 muscles the ear and over 100 vocal cords.

20. Additionally, cat urine shines under black light.

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But, wait! We have more facts! Did you even know…

  1. Cats also spend the majority of their lives asleep.
  2. The full title of Barbie’s character will be Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  3. The first cosmonaut in the world was a dog called Laika.
  4. The term “freelancer” was once a synonym for “mercenary.”
  5. There’s one town located in Kentucky (Rabbit Hash) in which they elect the mayor of a dog.
  6. Basketball courts are located inside the United States Supreme Court building. (We are betting that RBG could dunk a dunk right over us.)
  7. Elephants can only sleep for 4 to 5 hours each day.
  8. There’s the Starbucks cup in every scene of the film ‘Fight Club.’
  9. Have you ever visited the zoo to view pandas? Every panda at zoos around the world is being loaned from China.
  10. RENT has told you how many minutes there are in the year, but what is the number of seconds? There are 31,557,600 second in a calendar year.
  11. They have 42 teeth.
  12. Shakespeare wrote over 1,700 words.
  13. “Strengths” is the longest word in the English language that has only one vowel.
  14. The grouping of the flamingos can be known as”flamboyance.
  15. Frogs in a group can be known as an army.
  16. The eye of an ostrich is larger that its brain.
  17. Freddie Mercury was born in Africa.
  18. Someone stole Einstein’s brain when he died.
  19. Wombat poop has a cube shape.
  20. Chewing gum is a crime in Singapore.
  21. Vikings found Russia.
  22. After exposure to oxygen, the colorless blood of lobsters transforms into blue.
  23. When you view the full moon, you’re always looking at exactly the same side of the moon.
  24. Graffiti was found among the ruin of Pompeii.
  25. The oldest term that is found within the English language is “town.”
  26. Did you know…
  27. Hummingbirds weigh less than one penny.
  28. The Florida Everglades are the only where you can see both crocodiles as well as alligators.
  29. Cotton candy was created by dentist. (That’s an effective method for making sure that you have a job.)
  30. Three U.S. presidents have won Grammys -three presidents namely Carter, Clinton and Obama.
  31. The Bass Pro Shops “megastore” is actually located inside one of the biggest Pyramids anywhere in the globe… located in Memphis, Tennessee.
  32. Both wheelbarrows and paper were developed in China.
  33. For each area code there are 8 million potential seven-digit numbers for phone calls.
  34. The arteries of a blue whale are so large that a child could walk through.
  35. You’ll be able to live for longer in a food-deprived environment than without sleep.
  36. Three36 dimples are present in the golf ball.
  37. There’s an Indian toilet museum. India.
  38. German chocolaty cake created in Texas. (By an individual who was named Sam German.)
  39. Spaghetti is plural. If you only eat one noodle then you’re eating the”spaghetto.
  40. About 35 percent of your water consumption comes from flushing the toilet.
  41. The smallest bones within the body are located inside the ears.
  42. Despite their sourness they actually have greater amounts of sugar than strawberries.
  43. The crests are located 119 that run along the quarter’s side.
  44. The Hawaiian alphabet is comprised of only 13 letters.
  45. In Switzerland it’s illegal in Switzerland to keep a single Guinea pig as they become lonely.
  46. The Grand Canyon can hold 900 trillion football fields.
  47. It is said that the Statue of Liberty wears shoe size 879.
  48. Sponges are able to be able to hold more cool water that hot.
  49. The average house has 300,000 objects within it. (Our hypothesis is that the vast majority of those items are stored in the garage.)
  50. There was once a chicken which lived for 18 months after it was cut its head off. The name was Mike the headless chicken. True story.
  51. The fetus is covered with hair from head to toe during the uterus. Be assured that they will shed the hair. They then swallow it, resulting the first form of tar like poop , known as meconium.
  52. The term used in the scientific literature that refers to brain freeze refers to “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”.
  53. In the age of dinosaurs, there were active volcanoes that were located on moons.
  54. Leonardo DiCaprio improvised his famous Titanic quote, “I’m the king of the world.”
  55. The act of cutting down a cactus in Arizona could result in up to 25 years of prison.
  56. When they were constructed during the time of Egypt the volcano was active located in Colorado.
  57. Saturn is a planet that could be floating on water. It’s actually the sole planet of the solar system that could.
  58. Just one-billionth of the sun’s actual energy reaches the Earth. Imagine the possibility.
  59. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the matter that exists in the universe is black matter, or dark energy, which cannot be identified.
  60. Other galaxies within the universe are moving away from us as well as each one.
  61. Venus turns back on its axis. This is different from the other planets of our solar system.
Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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