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6 Unknown facts about the star Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most renowned Hollywood actors, Leonardo DiCaprio has turned an entire year older. We present some less-known facts about the famous actor to celebrate this year’s occasion.

Never once did he use anything illegal in his life.

Leonardo DiCaprio grew up in a Los Angeles neighborhood where drugs and violence were a regular occurrence. Caprio began his career at a young age and has stated that he never felt enticed to take drugs since he had witnessed people with various illnesses. This is most likely one of the main reasons Caprio hasn’t ever taken drugs.

“I have seen the madness and hedonism that is the drug world. “I lived in a tough neighborhood,” The Sun quoted DiCaprio’s words.

Did you know that his ‘Titanic hairstyle was not allowed?

Leonardo DiCaprio rose to fame in the 90s when he played the character in the role of Jack Dawson in the iconic film “Titanic.’ The film has been around for decades, and people still love Dawson’s appearance and charming wit.

Did you know that his hairstyle was deemed unsuitable by the Taliban? Shortly after the famous mushroom cut swept all the attention of Afghani boys and girls, the Taliban quickly imposed the haircut on the block. Many Taliban leaders jailed barbers for presenting famous hairstyles.

First Oscar nomination

The first Leonardo Oscar came later in his career. However, he showed his worth acting at just 19. The actor earned the first Academy Award nomination in 1993 for his exceptional performance in the film ‘What’s Gilbert Grape Eating.’

Caprio received his debut Oscar on the night of his Oscar win for his film ‘The Revenant, which came after five Oscar nominations.

His journey in acting!

Who would have imagined that this child would become the king of Hollywood in the future? Leonardo Di Caprio started his acting career in television commercials. After a few auditions, he was offered his first role in the Matchbox car commercial when he was 14.

Worst actor award

It is not every role Leonardo has played has added stars to his professional career. Leo has been acknowledged as one of the best actors of all time and was awarded the Golden Raspberry Award in the category of the worst actor in 2001 for his part in the movie ‘The Beach.

Leonardo DiCaprio came from Leonardo Da Vinci.

It’s often said that Leonardo’s name is derived from the famous art guru Leonardo da Vinci, but did you know that it’s factual and has an intriguing story behind the legend? In reality, when Leonardo’s mother was looking at Da Vinci’s famed painting, she noticed that her child was kicked for the first time. That was the reason for her keeping the name.

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