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6 Exciting DIY Painting Projects to Consider

You can do a lot with a simple can of paint – truly, the world is your oyster. But the question is, where is your imagination leading you?

If you’re itching for a creative project, a quick DIY, or just something to do with your hands this weekend, a fun paint project is always a good way to go. The following article will give you a couple of ideas you can pick.

Revamp Your Car

Go big or go home, we like to say. A painting project for the brave and bold is to DIY your car and give it a whole new look. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a car in a funky colour, why not take the leap?

For this project, you’ll need an airless paint sprayer, since simply going at it with a spray paint can or a brush is going to end in disaster, not to mention how tacky it will look.

Upgrade the Cabinetry

A good way to increase the resale value of your house is to do a couple of upgrades here and there. A relatively easy project you can take on is to repaint your cabinetry.

Take old, outdated wood and give it new life with a fresh and modern white coat of paint, or even bring some fun colours and designs into the mix. Whichever way you chose, new life in your cupboards and cabinets will be welcomed.

Restore Second-Hand Finds

Restoring old furniture is a popular hobby amongst DIYers and craft lovers. See what you can find at yard sales or on good old Facebook Marketplace. The stuff that’s really out of shape is usually very affordable (or even free) so grab what you can!

After the heavy labour has been done, your newly restored furniture would absolutely love a fresh coat of paint – get creative about it.

Add Intrigue to the Walls

Painting the walls doesn’t sound like an interesting project, but you don’t have to go down the typical off-white route.

Look online for some fun (but tasteful) wall designs and create something stunning in your home for guests to “wow” at.

Liven Up Your Terracotta Pots

For something smaller, simpler, and less permanently impactful, you could decorate any plant and flowerpots in your home or buy some plain ones to paint yourself.

These are fun to do and make great gifts too. You can find plenty of decorative pot ideas online to give you some inspiration.

Create Your Own Art

Finally, if the crafting isn’t up your alley but you’re still in the mood to get your hands dirty, spend the weekend painting like a master artist.

Grab a big old canvas and brush and go wild. Try to create something that might look good on your living room wall or something you might like to give as a gift to a loved one. Have fun with it and experiment – perhaps you will discover a hidden talent.


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