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25 Creepy Serial Killer Facts

Serial killers have been an enormous source of inspiration for TV shows and movies in the past couple of years due to them being intriguing to viewers.

Someone who brutally kills several individuals without any regret can be truly shocking. Over the years, there have been numerous instances of murders and deaths at the hands of murderers across the globe.

The stories of these serial killers are now an entertainment source for those curious. With this collection of facts about serial killers, Let’s dive deeper into the thoughts of these ordinary people who have become psychopaths.

Serial Killer Facts

1. We should begin with Holmes, who was regarded as “America’s First Serial Killer,” H.H. Holmes. Holmes was believed to have made money from the bodies of his victims through the sale of their skeletons to medical schools. GROSS!

2. When the police finally managed to look into Ed Gein’s home, it was an animal sludge! Some dishes were filthy with larvae, and the house was filled with some shocking discoveries like the lampshade made of human skin, as well as the woman’s half-finished suit. The entire house was in disrepair, except his mother’s bedroom, which was maintained in top perfect.

3. Before Jeffrey Dahmer was caught, there were so many bodies piled up in his house which he decided to put one in the tub, which he sat on it every day for a month, taking showers.

4. Dennis Rader, “The BTK Killer” (Bind Torture, Kill), confessed to setting up alarm systems in the homes of a few people, as they were scared “The BTK Killer” was out on the loose.

5. Andrei Chikatilo, a.k.a for his role in “The Red Ripper,” was nabbed and released after his blood type didn’t correspond to the evidence discovered at crime scenes. It was discovered that Chikatilo was suffering from a one million genetic condition where the blood drawn in a sample of blood was not the same blood type within his s*men.

6. Josef Mengele, “The Angel of Death,” was awarded for his courage when he leaped into a tank burning to help wounded soldiers. Imagine putting your life at risk for another’s life and doing it to continue to spend your life torturing people.

7. Richard Kuklinski, “The Iceman,” killed one man and buried his body inside an oil drum inside an eatery to determine how long it took for someone to find out. He ordered sandwiches from the restaurant and sat in the drum as he ate.

8. Journalist Vlado Taneski was arrested when Vlado Taneski wrote about his criminal activities and included information that was not divulged to the public and information only the perpetrator would have access to.

9. Jeffrey Dahmer: In a documentary called ” The Jeffrey Dahmer Files,” It is mentioned that Dahmer often gave residents of his building sandwiches, which may have originated from human flesh. According to the film, Pamela Bass, a resident there and who consumed his meals, is concerned that she may have eaten the body’s parts.

10. Ted Bundy: Undoubtedly, one of the most notorious serial killers of all time is believed to be responsible for killing 36 persons. He was also a part-time employee at a suicide hotline in which his role was to convince people of suicide.

11. A small percentage of serial killers surrender themselves into. The only one Ed Kemper, “The Co-Ed Killer,” was the only one to call authorities to admit. Then, he waited in an office to be taken away.

12. Richard Chase, “The Vampire of Sacramento” Richard Chase, “The Vampire of Sacramento,” examines the doors of houses to see if they’re locked. If they were not, Chase believed it meant that he wasn’t welcome and believed that doors unlocked were some kind of “invitation”‘ to come inside. This is certainly an incentive to ensure that your doors are secured!

13. Ted Bundy requested that his cremated remains be scattered in his native Cascade Mountains of Washington State — the exact spot in which four of his victims were discovered. This request was met.

14. Rodney Alcala, “The Dating Game Killer,” has won the show’s episode “The Dating Game,” which is why the show’s name. It was fortunate that the lady who selected him did not want to meet him because he seemed too creepy.

15. Robert Hansen, known as the “Butcher Baker,” kidnapped women who were released to the Alaskan wilderness, then chased them down to play. The killer killed seventeen women and brutally raped over 30 women.

16. James French’s final words as his final words on the chair in his final moments were, “How’s this going to be your headline? French fries.” The ultimate twist comedy!

17. Ed Kemper, “The Co-Ed Killer,” narrated many books for people who are blind, such as “The Glass Key,” “Petals on the Wind,” “Flowers in the Attic,” “Merlin’s Mirror,” “The Rosary Murders,” “Sphinx,” and even “Star Wars,” while the actor was imprisoned.

18. Arthur Shawcross, perhaps better known as the “Gennessee River Killer,” ” was imprisoned as a burglar and arsonist for five years. After 22 months of saving an officer from prison during a violent armed riot, his release came. He was able to kill at least 14 people, and certain of his murders involved cannibalism.

19. Venezuelan notorious serial killer and cannibal Dorangel Vargas confessed to eating and killing 10 people. He claimed that he did not consume fat people, as he believed they were too cholesterol-laden.

20. Rodney Alcala, “The Dating Game Killer” The actor acted as his lawyer during his trial. For five hours, he interrogated himself in the stand of witnesses, posing questions at “Mr. Alcala” in an eerie voice and then answering them with his normal voice

21. “The “Hillside Strangler,” Kenneth Bianchi was actively killing women, was also attempting to join the LAPD, and took part in several ride-along with police officers searching for his killer. It was also a coincidence that most conversations during the ride alongs were about the things that LAPD was aware of.

22. During the serial killer’s execution, When asked whether he had any final words to say, he replied, “Yes, hurry it up, you Hoosier b*stard! I could kill ten men while you’re fooling around!”

22. British doctor Harold Shipman, also known as “Doctor Death,” was proved to have killed at minimum 250 people who were his victims (but could have killed up to 459 individuals), making him among the top serial killers in recorded history.

23. The final credit of the documentary Aileen: The Life & Death of a Serial Killer includes Natalie Merchant’s track “Carnival.” According to Natalie Merchant, she granted permission to the song’s use to be featured following the discovery that Wuornos often listened to the album Tigerlily when she was on death row and demanded that “Carnival” be played at the funeral of her husband.

24. John E. Robinson has been dubbed the original “Internet serial killer” after he lured women to his house via chat rooms.

25. The wife of John Wayne Gacy, Carol, lived in the house where he dug up the majority of the 33 bodies he killed in his crawl space. She only confronted her husband once regarding the smell. When he assured her that it was mice, she believed him and did not ask again.

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