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20 Interesting Facts About Russian Culture

Russia is an incredible country with rich historical and cultural significance across the globe. Suppose you aren’t conscious of Russian information about culture. In that case, you will be shocked to learn that over 150 ethnic groups live in Russia and that family is important in Russian culture.

Russia is a vast country with a region that spans two continents. It is a fascinating country with a long past that is evident across the country. Anyone looking for information on Russia will discover various fascinating facts about Russia that will be awe-inspiring to them.

We have compiled 20 interesting Facts About Russian Culture right here.

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Facts About Russian Culture

1. Russia has a lot of Cultural symbols

The symbols of national significance in Russia, like the National Flag, National Anthem, Two-headed eagles, Matryoshka, etc., are components of Russian cultural heritage that have contributed to the nation’s identity. Russia. The official symbols are just three: the national flag, the emblem, and the anthem. However, there are a variety of unofficial and widely used symbols of Russian culture, too. The two-headed eagle was introduced around the time of the 14th century. One head is representative of that of the European portion of Russia, and the other head is for that of the Asian region of Russia.

2. Family is the most important thing.

Family is a major part of the value system in the Russian tradition. Parents, grandparents, children, and parents all share a close relationship and are dependent on one another. Even grandparents in families with nuclear members are a major part of raising children within the family. Family members also have close connections and are interdependent. Family members from extended families are also involved. They all support one another when they need to. In times of need, aiding family and extended relatives is a responsibility.

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3. Craft and art is an integral components of the culture

Many civilizations have kept their craft and art tradition. Russia has been doing the same too. A few of the handmade souvenirs produced in Russia are extremely well-known. Generations have preserved the art of creating beautiful and unique products alive. Are you aware of one of the most interesting details regarding Russia, Russian Dolls, exquisitely decorated lacquer boxes, and other regional folk crafts that make unique souvenirs for the locals and foreign tourists?

4. Matryoshka is the most adored Russian Souvenir

The name is also known as matryoshka of ‘ Russian Dolls.’ It first appeared around a century ago. The earlier themes were mostly drawn from fairytale characters. However, since the end of the 20th century, they have expanded their selection of themes that include Soviet leaders. The term ‘Matryoshka’ comes from the Russian word for “Mother,” which is why nesting dolls represent motherhood. This set of dolls, where one is the biggest wooden mother doll, and the subsequent baby dolls are to keep as a souvenir.

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5. The superstitions of the past are still part of the culture

Are you looking for deep-rooted Russian culture facts? The breaking of a mirror can be unlucky in Russia. That’s a good thing. Russia is also a country with a culture of superstitions, just like every other nation. The practice of superstition has been prevalent throughout Russia, and many of them are now a part of everyday life. Most people practice certain superstitions, while the local population practices others. One of these traditions practiced in Russia is that nobody should wish birthday wishes to anyone before the day of their birthday. The birthday celebrations should be celebrated only after or on the day of the birthday.

6. Weddings are generally big events in Russia

Russians are known to turn weddings into large celebrations. Traditional Russian weddings last anywhere from two to seven days. On the day that is the first day of your wedding ceremony, the exchange of rings occurs. The reception is full of songs and dancing. Groom must also pay a ransom to his bride once he has arrived at the bride’s home. The ceremony is seen as a hilarious and enjoyable ceremony.

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7. Don’t say no to food, and Don’t Be Late to an Event or Party

This is among the most interesting facts about Russia about host cultural traditions. If a person has invited you from Russia, You should not turn down the food served by the hosts. It would be best if you accepted with respect the food provided since refusing to eat is considered to be offensive. Additionally, you should bring something to give as a gift to the host as being unprepared is unacceptable in this country.

8. Short Stories and Dialogues are a Common Type of Humor

Humor is an integral part of every culture around the World. What is considered humorous varies from region to one. In Russia, short narratives and dialogues with punch lines are typical ways of creating humor. Humor is often used as an antidepressant for Russian people.

9. Russian Literature has been among the most influential and developed

Literature is among the main components of Russian culture and is one of the most significant things about Russia. Russia has a long history that produced some of the most Literature in the World. Those who love Literature will recognize Pushkin’s amazing work, who wrote some of the greatest romantic poems. Also, Leo Tolstoy is regarded as one of the greatest writers of the past. The novel of his “War and Peace” is widely regarded as the major work of the Literature of the World.

10. Russians Love Vodka

This is well-known to everyone when discussing Russian cultural facts. Vodka drinking is a major part of Russian culture. The data also indicates that Russia is at the top of the list in the consumption of alcohol across the globe. Russians aren’t averse to drinking alcohol without a motive and have a specific method of drinking Vodka and other drinks in the country. Cognac, champagne, beer, and wine are also common in Russian culture.

11. Beer was not considered an Alcoholic Drink until recently.

It is believed that the average Russian drinker consumes around 18 liters per year. Anything with less than 10% alcohol within Russia was considered food. This meant that it was available all over the World. Drinking beer has increased among Russians. However, in 2013 beer was added to the umbrella of alcohol drinks to curb the use of alcohol within Russia.

12. Tea is as strong as Vodka in Russia

This is the truth. Russians are awestruck by Vodka and tea as well. They are enthusiastic tea drinkers. Tea is part of the cultural tradition. It has been the most commonly used tea in Russia historically, but green tea is becoming very well-known nowadays. Tea is typically not consumed by itself. The syrup, jam, cakes, cookies, and sweets can be served alongside tea.

13. Russians are good bandy players

Bandy is a form of sport that is often referred to as the older sister of hockey. It is basically playing ice hockey using balls that have been part of Russian lives since the 10th century. Until the 18th century, when people living in many villages of Russia began playing Bandy. Nowadays, Bandy happens to be one of the most popular games in the Olympics, and thanks to Russia, who played a significant contribution to the development of the sport.

14. Ballet is the best gift from Russia for the World

When discussing Russia, information about culture ballet will always be on the list. Ballet might have come first from Italy and France, but the entire world is aware that it was developed and re-energized throughout Russia. Today, ballet theatres in Russia, like the Bolshoi located in Moscow, are world-renowned for their best ballet performances.

15. Russia is celebrating Christmas on the 7 January

Did you know that this is one of the most interesting pieces of information about Russia? In almost every country, the Christmas season is observed on the 25 December. However, Russia is unique. Christmas In Russia takes place on the 7 January. This is because the Russian Orthodox Church uses the traditional Julian calendar. Also, Christmas is not a major holiday in Russia as in other regions around the globe.

16. Cats can find jobs In St. Petersburg

Do you think it sounds cool? This is the truth, but. Seventy cats protect the museum treasures of Russia’s most famous museum, The Hermitage, situated in St. Petersburg, against rodents. The tradition began in 1745 by Empress Elizabeth, her daughter Peter the Great, the creator of St. Petersburg, Peter the Great, and continues today.

17. Subbotnik (Saturday) also is known as an International Day of Volunteering Labor

Subbotnik is the term that means ‘Saturday.’ Voskresnik is the term used to describe a Sunday in Russia. This was the time of volunteer work that was not paid following the revolution in October. Also, on weekends, volunteers would be needed for the community. Subotnick, or on Saturdays, Russians were employed to clear the streets of garbage, repair public facilities, gather recyclable materials, and perform other services for the community. This tradition is still practiced in Russia.

18. It is a Traditional Russian Deli

If you’re talking about interesting facts regarding Russia, Food should be included in the list. Chicken’s foot soup, also known as Kholodets within Russia, is a popular traditional Russian food item. It arrived in the early days as people sought ways to preserve their meat. It takes over seven hours to cook and is among the most famous starters in Russia.

19. A Random Array of Flowers to Celebrate Joyful Occasions

Giving flowers to someone you’ve known or have met is a custom in Russia. It is important to give only one odd number of flowers because odd numbers are a sign of the joy of the occasion. You can present an even amount of flowers only for a funeral or arrangement for a funeral. In Russia, sending 13 bouquets of roses to loved ones you love is considered an excellent thing to do.

20. Russians can be Great Hosts

If you’re looking to travel to Russia and want to know about Russia and its people, you’ll want to know that Russians are wonderful hosts and are happy to welcome guests. There is no special occasion to see their neighbors or friends; they just enjoy a casual chat over a meal or just meet up for a conversation about what’s happening in their lives.

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