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20+ Fun Facts About Friday

In a YouGov poll of over 4,000 Americans, Friday ranks as the second most popular day of the week. Friday is generally thought of as the day that ends the week for all workers and those who have on a Monday-Friday basis. It’s also the beginning of the weekend, but do you know fun facts about Friday?

Many different acronyms are floating around on Fridays, and there are also a few different dress codes for Fridays that are accepted in the workplace. Who doesn’t love a Friday? It’s often the day that marks the end of the week for many people. It’s the day when people begin to look for some time to unwind and spend quality time with their loved family members. But what are some of the fun facts about Friday that you may not have known about?

It is also a holiday associated with superstition when it falls on the thirteenth day in the lunar month. However, do you understand what this fear of Friday, the 13th is? Do you know why the name Friday is derived from?

So, the answers are here. Let’s get started with this. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Interesting Facts About Friday

facts about friday
  1. “The English name Friday originates in the Old English Frigedaeg, meaning “Day of Fridge.” This is an outcome from Fridge, the Old English goddess Frigg (an Anglo-Saxon representation of Freya, the Norse goddess Freya) being connected to goddess Venus.
  2. This is also the case in many other languages, such as Friatag in the Old High German Friatag and Modern German Freitag, as in Vrijdag, Dutch.
  3. In the majority of languages taken from Latin, the word “Friday” comes from the word “dies Veneris” (day of Venus), similar to “Vendredi” in French, “Venerdi” in Italian, and “Viernes” in Spanish.
  4. But in Portuguese as well, which is that is derived from Latin, the word used to describe the word “Friday” can be described as “Sexta-Feira,” meaning “sixth day of liturgical celebration” and comes from the Latin “Feria Sexta,” which was used in texts of religion in which it was prohibited to dedicate holy days to gods of pagan worship.
  5. In Japanese, the word that means Friday comes by combining Kinsei, which means Venus (which means “gold + water”), and Yobi, which means day.
  6. It’s a good day for some, but it’s viewed as bad luck to most people. For sailors and seafarers, it’s considered to be very bad luck to launch a vessel on a Friday. So should you ever be the captain of the vessel, don’t recommend a launch on a Friday if you can prevent the situation.
  7. The day that is the most fearsome in the entire calendar happens more frequently than you believe – Friday 13th. The supposedly unlucky day naturally has been the subject of several well-known and attractive horrifying horror films. There is even a phobia named after the phenomenon – paraskavedekatria-phobia. It’s an interesting name, not to mention!
  8. A very popular American abbreviation can be “TGIF,” which means “Thank God It’s Friday.”
  9. Friday is often called “POETS Day,” which means “Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday.”
  10. The expressions “Friday’s Syndrome” and the phrase “Friday Feeling” refer to Fridays being typically the last day of the week for many and resulting in people finding themselves more relaxed and relaxed on Friday.

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Best Facts About Friday

facts about friday
  1. Mary-Kate, as well as Ashley Olsen, were born together on June 13th, 1986.
  2. In the maritime world, it is thought to be highly unfortunate to embark on a journey on the day of a Friday.
  3. Many corporate offices within the West have a “Casual Friday” or “Dress-down Friday” dress code, which means that employees don’t have to arrive at work dressed in a business-like outfit but rather in informal attire like a t-shirt and jeans.
  4. In some areas around the world, there’s another occurrence referred to by the name of “Country and Western Friday,” which is identical to “Casual Friday,” but where employees wear Cowboy clothes instead of casual clothes.
  5. In the U.S., the term “Black Friday” state that follows Thanksgiving. It is typically the day that begins the season of Christmas shopping.
  6. The craze of shopping observed in stores all over the U.S. on Black Friday initially led to the death of a store employee in 2008, when upon opening the doors to a huge crowd of customers at Valley Stream, New York, the employee was crushed the raging crowd.
  7. Since then, numerous reports of people being stabbed, shot or beaten, trampled, as well as pepper-sprayed at Black Friday sales.

Unknown Facts About Friday

facts about friday
  1. In the astrology world, the Friday symbolism is linked to the solar system Venus and symbolized by Venus’ symbol.
  2. It is additionally associated with zodiac signs Libra as well as Taurus.
  3. According to the Thai Solar Calendar, blue is the color that symbolizes Friday.
  4. Theologically, in Christianity, Good Friday is the Friday before Easter and the day of Jesus, the crucifixion of Jesus.
  5. In 1719 in the Daniel Defoe novel Robinson Crusoe, the main character, a solitary man, meets one of the natives of the island that he is stranded on, whom he cannot communicate with for the first time. Crusoe refers to him as Friday because it is the day that he is on when the two meet.
  6. The phrase “Man Friday” comes from the character Friday from the book Robinson Crusoe and is described as a trustworthy and competent man-to-man personal assistant.
  7. Friday is often the most popular day for cyber-attacks. So, if you’re planning to go online without any security, you should avoid doing it towards the final day or beginning of the week! If you can, you can install virus protection and a firewall, regardless!

Thank God It’s Friday!

Wrapping Up

The following are a few of the most intriguing Friday facts that we have been put together for your enjoyment. Do you have other interesting facts about Friday that we’ve not covered or new information that you’ve just discovered and would like to include in the Friday facts list? Don’t hesitate to share your best facts with us.

What If Black Friday?

Black Friday is a popular celebration day in the U.S. that has been transferred onto U.K. U.K. recently. It is usually the day that Thanksgiving is celebrated. It is the time when shops and retailers offer spectacular sales and discounts on household items and gardens. However, Black Friday scrambles can result in some very stressful shopping situations.

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