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20 Cool Pokemon Facts

Since its debut in the early ’90s, Pokemon has become one of the most loved brands around the globe! From card games and games to television and films, There’s nothing Pokemon hasn’t overcome!

With over 1,000 distinct Pokemon With over 1,000, the Pokemon Facts universe is filled with numerous opportunities to discover! Here are some of the most bizarre and amazing facts about Pokemon, its creators, and of course, the Pokemon themselves!

Which of these fantastic Pokemon facts do you like the most?

1. Pokemon refers to “Pocket Monsters.”

Pokemon is an abbreviation form of “Poketto Monsuta,” which means “Pocket Monster” in Japanese because they can fit into your pocket, yes! But luckily, they’re Poke balls; think of the chaos if they were to use your pockets as toilets…

2. Saudi Arabia banned Pokemon at one time

Saudi Arabia isn’t famous for being awe-inspiringly relaxed about things. It appears that Pokemon promoted polytheism (Belief in multiple gods) and other issues the government wasn’t thrilled about. It is still possible to play Pokemon on the internet in Saudi Arabia, but only in English. Thankfully, the country is getting more comfortable about it, and young viewers can finally understand the reason for all the fuss about it!

3. Pikachu directly translates to “Sparkly mouse noise.’

If you have ever wondered where Pokemon names came from, Pikachu is a good illustration of just how random it could be. “Pika” comes from “Pikapika, which means ‘glitter’ or sparkle.’ The word “chu” is derived from “chuchu, the sound made by a mouse. When you combine them, you’ll have sparkle Mouse Noise! There’s a reason for it. Pikachu is a kind of mouse, isn’t it?

4. A lot of Pokemon titles are puns

The powers of Mimikyu can be described as ‘miming you.’ APseudodowoodo? “Psudo wood” or fake wood. Squirtle refers to the idea that a turtle can squirt water. Charmander is so-called because it’s an igniting Pokemon that can “char” you. What other names are clever are you able to spot?

5. Pokemon was invented by a game designer named Satoshi Tajiri in 1995.

The initial thought for the idea was in the year 1990. He was intrigued by the thought that the Gameboys could communicate, and he began thinking up a game to connect two Gameboys. In the beginning, nobody could comprehend Satoshi’s Pokemon concept, and the company was unable to succeed in creating the game. Satoshi did not even earn an income at that period, but eventually, the game was released and quickly became the biggest success!

6. There was a plan to create an idea for a Pokemon inspired by Dolly, the Sheep, but it was discarded.

You’ve probably heard of Dolly. She’s not your average sheep! Dolly was the very first mammal to be cloned in Scotland in 1996. She was extremely popular and well-known throughout the 1990s. Unfortunately, it was not the case that the Dolly Pokemon was never seen; however, there is an actual sheep Pokemon, and it’s called Wooloo and not Dolly!

7. The ‘Gotta Get “All The ethos behind the ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ has a story

Satoshi’s inspiration for collecting animals for Pokemon was born out of his fondness for the outdoors when he was a child. As a young man and a teenager, he spent endless hours looking for and collecting insects and bugs. He would spend all day doing it that his classmates could call him ‘Dr. Bug’. He initially wanted to be a bug scientist or entomologist to identify its proper name. We’re grateful he decided to join the video game industry instead!

8. More than 30 million Pokemon cards were sold

Pokemon cards are extremely well-known and so well-liked that when they first came out in 1998, the game has sold billions worldwide! The game of cards is identical to that of the game on television. However, it’s played out in real life. Certain of the more rare cards are so sought-after that they sell for thousands of dollars, and tournaments are held worldwide.

9. It’s difficult to determine what the very first Pokemon ever invented was.

While most people think of Pikachu whenever they imagine the very first Pokemon, Pikachu wasn’t the first Pokemon to be designed. It’s even more difficult to determine which one was the first one. Many believe it was Rhydon and others claim it was Arceus. It is thought that the Lapras and Clefairy were also designed that were created early. The design may have disappeared into the depths of the past!

10. It is the only time that Mario sells more games on video than Pokemon

Pokemon is extremely loved by many. In fact, in the year, more than 20 years after it first launched, Pokemon was still the top-selling game! It’s not difficult to figure out why this is the case – the variety of Pokemon and different scenarios indicates that Pokemon offers a lot to provide!

11. Gold and Silver were intended to be the final Pokemon games. However, people were looking for more!

Created by only four programmers, The 1999 games were initially planned to be the final installment in the series. However, they were received with so much praise that the developers decided to create another! It’s hard to imagine that the series ended so quickly, just a few months after its beginning!

12. Cambell’s soup cans inspired the colors of Pokeballs

Yes, you heard it right. The famous Pokeball was intended to imitate the appearance of soup cans! In particular, tomatoes soup cans are featured in Andy Warhol’s favorite photo. We’re not certain why the design was based on a soup container; however, once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it!

13. Island of Niue, located in Niue in the South Pacific, has put Pikachu on the back of a coin!

It is possible to purchase things with Pikachu! If you’re within Niue, this is. Pikachu was on a limited edition coin that was released in 2001. Do you think that means the people of Niue are the largest Pokemon fans around the globe?

14. Ash’s Pokemon was originally intended to be initially a Clefairy but not a Pikachu!

It’s difficult to imagine someone else being Ash’s most beloved friend. The original idea was to create a Clefairy! It’s clear the reason, just like Pikachu, Clefairies are adorable and small; however, the ‘Detective Clefairy isn’t quite got the same sound.

15. Many Pokemon are inspired by the traditional Japanese folklore and stories

Japanese folklore and mythology are full of strange creatures and terrifying monsters, and some have found their way into the Pokeuniverse! Examples include Froslass, which is based on the Japanese myth of a terrifying vampire frost-loving lady, and Lotad, which, while adorable, is based on a water-based monster known as Kappa. Kappa is a water monster with a quill on the top of its head. Vulpines, for instance, is inspired by the Kitsune, a fox-like creature with numerous tails.

16. A lot of Celebs are fans of Pokemon

The most famous avid players of Pokemon are Keke Palmer, Trevor Noah, and Demi Lovato. Trevor was once noticed by an avid player of Pokemon Go on a park bench. Demi Lovato has admitted to being obsessed with the sport.

17. Detective Pikachu’s hat functions as a deerstalker

Have you ever thought about the reason why Detective Pikachu wears that cap? It’s called deer stalking. It’s the same hat Sherlock Holmes is often seen sporting, shouting to the fictional detective and his source of inspiration!

18. The TV show was temporarily restricted in Sweden

Since the Pokemon series is entangled with other products and games, Swedish TV didn’t show the series because it’s technically an advertisement for the merchandise. It is illegal to market to children in Sweden. There’s a chance to see Pokemon on Swedish TV right now. However, there’s no chanting of ‘Gotta Catch All of Them!’ because it’s a type of sly advertising that suggests kids should attempt to find every Pokemon they have in the real world!

19. Many dubs Ash is sung by a woman.

It’s true; Ash is voiced by many different voices and Rika Matsumoto, Hana Takeda. They also voice him in Japanese as well as Veronica Taylor in English. It’s natural to have him sung by a woman because he’s young; however, in other dubs, such as Portuguese and Spanish and Spanish, he’s voiced by males. Ash’s nickname is a joke. Ketchum is intended to sound like ‘Catch’em”, as in Catch-All!

20. The show was intended to run for one season.

When Pokemon anime first came out in the 1990s, the anime was designed as a single-off series to advertise the game. But it turned out to be extremely popular, and it has now been broadcast in over twenty series and 23 movies! It’s also one of the longest-running anime shows ever!

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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