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15 Surprising Facts About Itachi Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha, who was introduced in the third chapter Naruto manga’s Naruto manga, claimed that his primary goal in life was killing a person. Later, we discover that Itachi Uchiha is Sasuke’s older brother. Read amazing Facts About Itachi Uchiha here!

Itachi had killed almost the entire Uchiha clan and left only Sasuke. Sasuke is obsessed by his desire to exact revenge. To slay Itachi, he seeks revenge on his family by seeking out Orochimaru.

We learn more about Itachi’s actions after the brothers fight their final battle. The truth about the Uchiha massacre exposes some of the dark secrets that Konoha’s elders wanted to keep secret.

Today we will be looking at the life and times of one of the most beloved Naruto villains.

Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know about Itachi Uchiha.

15 Itachi’s mysterious lover

After the battle between Sasuke & Itachi ends in the 393rd chapter. Tobi rescues Sasuke and reveals the truth about Itachi’s actions.

Tobi revealed that Itachi murdered all his family and friends and his lover. This led to a lot of speculation among fans about that person’s identity. We didn’t learn anything about Itachi’s lover when Naruto ended. Most fans assumed it was just a random line that wasn’t meant to be.

Several light novels focused on different characters in Naruto after the series ended. Two of them focused on Itachi. The first one explained his life before the Uchiha massacre. These novels were later made into anime.

Itachi’s lover was Izumi Uchiha. Itachi was also infatuated by her throughout their lives. Itachi was the first Uchiha clan member to kill Izumi. To allow Izumi to dream with him in a genjutsu world, he used the Tsukuyomi.

14. He was Masashi Kishimoto’s Favorite Akatsuki Member

Orochimaru is the main antagonist in Naruto’s first part. After the time skip, he is replaced by Akatsuki. They are a group of ninjas that defected their villages to become some of the most wanted criminals of the land.

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Akatsuki’s original goal was to create a superweapon to allow them to conquer the entire world. They needed nine tail-beasts, one of which was inside Naruto, to accomplish this.

Because of their innovative combat skills and excellent designs, the members of Akatsuki quickly gained popularity with their fans. Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, has confirmed that Itachi is his favorite member in Akatsuki.

He wanted to make villains as richly detailed and complex as the protagonists. This is probably why he loved Itachi so much. The details of his life became one the most crucial plot points in the series.

13. Itachi’s original concept was given to Danzo.

The story of Naruto didn’t include the Uchiha clan. Masashi Kishimoto originally wanted to keep the story solely about Naruto. His editors encouraged him add characters to the story. One of them had to be a rival for Naruto.

This resulted in the creation of Sasuke, who would win many of the official Shonen Jump characters popularity polls and take over most of Naruto’s story.

Itachi’s role and design in the story were initially different. Itachi led a group made up of 70 ninjas called “The Itachi Squad.” This group would have dealt with assassinations and other secret tasks unknown to the village.

Itachi also had a X-shaped scar under his chin. These original design elements were transferred to Danzo who ran a Konoha secret group called “Root” with the same spot on his cheek.

12. The Egg Movie

Naruto was viewed as a series that featured emo characters whining a lot. This was partly due to Sasuke’s story taking over Naruto’s relevance. This is an exaggerated view. Naruto was full of humorous and lighthearted moments. Rock Lee was the comedy star of the spinoff, which mostly mocked the main series.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution was released in a short OVA that featured Itachi. Sunny Side Battle is the bizarre title of this feature. Itachi is trying to make perfect sunny-side-up eggs without any yolk clinging to it.

To do this, he uses his Sharingan’s power and fails repeatedly. Itachi won’t allow Sasuke eat any eggs until he has made the perfect one. To complete the task, he is forced to often use the Mangekyo Sharingan’s power.

11. For the highest stats, he was tied with Jiraiya

Publishers often publish Databooks when a manga series becomes very popular in Japan. They contain all the information known about the characters. Databooks often have exclusive content, such as interviews or concept art.

The databooks provide stats for all characters. This is one of their main features. This meant that Naruto had to judge them on their different techniques (taijutsu genjutsu and ninjutsu). The guys responsible for creating the Death Note databooks had to make it more difficult, as they had to give stats based on manipulation and intelligence.

Itachi tied Jiraiya for the top stats in all databooks. This is understandable since Jiraiya was one of few people Itachi seemed to be genuinely afraid of in combat. He fled Jiraiya even though Kisame was fighting alongside him.

10. Itachi’s former partner

Masashi Kishimoto initially imagined all members of Akatsuki as monstrous and inhuman. Itachi was the exception. He seems to have changed his original plan as some of the Akatsuki members (Deidara Pain, Konan and Hidan) looked more human than others (Sasori Kisame Kakuza, Zetsu, Kakuza and Kakuza).

Other members of Akatsuki were introduced in Naruto’s anime. These characters are non-canonical and filler. Kakuza’s ex-partner before Hidan was one of these characters, whom he murdered after losing control. Juzo Biwa was Itachi’s partner before Kisame and was the other important member.

Juzo Biwa, a former ninja of Kirigakure, was also a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He was Zabuza’s former bearer. They worked together on many tasks that culminated in a mission in the Land of Water.

The Fourth Mizukage was able to track down Juzo and Itachi. Juzo was killed while in action. This left a gap that was filled later by Kisame.

9. His Rival’s Death

It seems that there is a common thread among Konoha’s genin teams. Every team seems to have a solitary genius and a braggart rival who is constantly trying to catch up. Itachi was a skilled ninja, and he proved it to be the same for his team. Tenma Izumo was his rival genin.

Itachi was a skilled ninjutsu practitioner, but he had not activated his Sharingan while at the Academy. To finally accomplish this, Itachi had to die as a rival. Itachi’s team was selected to accompany the Daiymo of Land of Fire on a trip.

Tobi attacked their convoy and killed Tenma with one strike of his sword. Itachi lost control of his Sharingan and could not activate it for the first time.

8. The Mysterious Magical Items

The Mangekyo sharingan continued to gain new powers throughout Naruto. It could create an unquenchable black fire by trapping people in illusions. Itachi displayed a third power in his battle against Sasuke.

The power of Susanoo was called and summoned a powerful, indestructible being made from chakra. Susanoo can be a powerful ally but requires large chakra to keep it going. It also causes severe damage to the user’s body.

Itachi’s Susanoo version is different in that it has items that other Susanoos lack. It was equipped with a magical sword (the Sword of Totsuka), capturing anyone it strikes in an endless dream. It was also equipped with a shield, the Yata Mirror, that protected it from any form of elemental damage.

It was never clear where Itachi got these items for his Susanoo. How do you find these items?

7. The One-Handed Seals

Only a few people can perform hand seals using one hand in the Naruto universe.

This allows you to perform two jutsus simultaneously or use a weapon and create seals. This feat was only demonstrated by six characters in Naruto (seven if one includes a filler character). Although Zabuza and Haku were shown to perform one-handed seals at the beginning of the series, it was not yet clear what the rules of the universe were.

Naruto, Sasuke and the 4th Hokage can perform one-handed seals. During his introduction, Itachi first shows this ability when he fights Kakashi in Konoha. He can perform jutsus and keep shuriken ready in his other hand. This made Kakashi cautious in his approach as he was concerned about being vulnerable to a counterattack.

6. Itachi was the 2nd best student at The Academy.

Masashi Kishimoto’s biggest mistake in telling the story about Naruto was his handling of the revelation of Naruto’s true parentage. For years, fans suspected that he was the son of the Fourth Hokage.

In a drunken conversation between Jiraiya, Tsunade, this speculation was confirmed. The lack of information regarding Naruto’s parents became less logical as time passed, given how many people had been friends with them and how much their influence was not discussed.

Itachi Shinden, Book of Bright Light revealed the Fourth Hokage as the top-scoring student in the history of Konoha Academy. Itachi was second in all-time scoring. This is the only time that the story mentions it.

5. Itachi’s Blood-Soaked Backstory

Naruto only revealed a few hints about Itachi’s past. We learned the most about Itachi’s backstory through Tobi’s story on Konoha’s history, which ultimately led to the planned Uchiha coup.

Tobi claims Itachi was present at a battleground during the Third Shinobi World War. He saw all the destruction and death, and he decided to seek peace. This led him to side with Konoha after he heard about the coup.

His backstory was expanded upon in the Itachi novels and their animated adaptation. Itachi, aged four years, tried to provide water to a wounded Iwagakure ninja. Itachi had to kill the ninja with a knife to his throat. The father explained to Itachi the meaning of war, and why it was crucial for him to witness the battlefield.

Itachi takes his own life after discussing the meanings of life and death. However, he changes his mind and learns about the imminent birth of Sasuke. This inspires him to continue living.

4. The Eye Waste

Itachi was the Uchiha clan’s most revered fighting abilities, but he wasn’t the most fearful. Shisui Uchiha may be the most potent clan member.

This was due to Shisui’s ability to use a technique known as Kotamatsukami. Shisui used a powerful genjutsu that could act as mind control. Kotamatsukami can influence minds and create false memories and experiences.

Before his death, Danzo took one of Shisui’s eyes. Shisui left his other eye to Itachi and then committed suicide to awaken Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

Itachi placed Shisui’s eye in a crow, and then put it inside Naruto to change Sasuke’s personality. It was a terrible waste of the eye, considering that Shisui could have used it to attack any significant villains (like Obito or Pain) and stopped them from completing their evil plans.

3. Itachi Vs. The Drug Dealers

Zetsu observed that Itachi’s movements in the final battle against Sasuke were slow and uncoordinated. This was due to Itachi’s terminal illness. Tobi says that Itachi was at the brink of death when he faced Sasuke. Tobi claims That Itachi used the most potent drugs to keep him alive.

Sasuke discovers the drug Itachi was using in the novel Naruto Jinraiden, The Day the Wolf Howled and tracks down the source. Itachi made friends with two brothers who created a powerful medicine that could be used to make a highly addictive drug.

Two brothers must contend with a local clan that wanted to steal the medicine and make it synthetic. Itachi used fight against this clan when he visited the brothers. It makes one wonder why they keep coming back. Itachi can lock people in nightmare illusions. He never used this ability to protect his brothers.

2. He Refused to Kill Brothers

Itachi was secretly protecting Konoha’s interests by performing Uchiha massacre, but he also served as a double agent while he was with Akatsuki.

It was a dangerous mission that required him to be inspected by other ninjas equally influential. He could complete the task without raising suspicions and be even considered a friend by Kisame.

Itachi was a weakling that could have cost him his job with Akatsuki. Even if his brothers tried to kill him, he refused to kill them.

Itachi and Kisame meet a group of Kirigakure ninjas in the novel Akatsuki hiden: Evil Flowers In Full Bloom. Itachi discovers that the two ninjas against him are twin brothers. He cannot bear to kill them even though they have paralyzed Kisame and were actively trying to capture and kill him.

Maybe he was aware of the strong bonds between brothers.

1. Itachi was directly responsible for Naruto’s murder

Naruto’s story went to great lengths to stop its protagonists from killing people. It makes sense because it is published in Weekly Shonen Jump. They probably don’t want characters that go around massacring victims every week. It is less logical for ninjasassins not to take lives during their duties.

Technically, Uzumaki Naruto did take a life in the series. The members of Akatsuki discovered that Kakashi/Gai was pursuing Sasori/Deidara. They used a technique to pour their chakra into another person, which would make them a copy. This beneficial technique was never again used.

Itachi seizes control of a ninja named Yura. Naruto kills Itachi/Yura using a Rasengan and leaves his body on the ground for Zetsu. Itachi’s most cold-hearted move in the series.

While he could have allowed one of the Akatsuki members to fight Naruto, he chose to do it all himself. Fans have used this evidence to show that Itachi’s redemption wasn’t planned.

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