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15 Interesting Facts About Christianity

Are you interested in knowing more about Christianity? It is one of the major religions in the world, and over the centuries has helped shape the world into the one we have in the present. Explore amazing facts about Christianity below!

In my series on facts about different religions around all over the globe, I’ve put together the following list with 15 exciting facts about Christianity that you need to be aware of.

Whatever your faith, whether you’re or are a Christian yourself, it’s vital to understand other religions and cultures to better understand one another and live in peace.

There are many fascinating Christianity facts, and the facts about Bible that hold a special place in Christianity, as well as some that you may not have known about before having read this.

Unknown Facts About Christianity!!

1. Christianity is the most popular religion.

There are over 2.4 billion Christians across the globe, making Christianity the biggest religion worldwide. Islam will likely overtake Christianity and become the most listened to faith in very near time, as it’s the fastest-growing religion currently.

2. There are three major branches of Christianity

Christianity has a wide variety of denominations, but it is usually divided into three major branches: Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism.

The religion can be divided further into five main branches: The Church of the East, Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism.

3. Christianity is a religion with 10 commandments.

Like other religions, Christianity has certain rules that each faithful follower must adhere to. The 10 commandments were entrusted by God to Moses through God and are the basic rules of God that every loyal Christian is required to adhere to.

4. The Sunday of the week is the day of worship.

In Judaism, the holiest day is Saturday. And for Muslims, the day is Friday. However, in Christianity, Sunday is considered the day of worship during the week, and it’s also the day when people are supposed to rest.

5. Easter is among the major holiday celebrations.

The Easter season begins with an ominous reminder of the crucifixion to Jesus Christ at Good Friday. It concludes more joyfully by celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

6. There isn’t an original Bible that dates back to Jesus

A lot of people think of the beginning of the Bible as a single volume. However, it’s, in reality, an anthology of several books written by different authors. The first Bible printed was published in 1455 and is known in the Gutenberg Bible, which is also the first book to be printed.

7. Around 100 million Bibles are sold each year

Since the first printing of the Bible, The Holy Book of Christianity has spread across the globe and consistently ranks as the top-rated book in various countries around the world. A total of 100,000 Bibles have been purchased every year.

8. Christianity is among three Abrahamic religions.

Another exciting aspect about Christianity is that it is similar gods to Judaism and Islam. All of them have the same roots as Abraham and are regarded for being Abrahamic religions.

While there are many differences between all three faiths, they share numerous similarities. Many of the characters in the holy books are the same people. For instance, Jesus is mentioned many times in the Quran and is considered to be prophetic.

9. Jerusalem is the holiest of cities in the Christian faith

Jerusalem is perhaps the most sacred city in the world because it’s a major site that is a must-see for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In Christianity Jerusalem, there are a lot of important sites around Jerusalem is. The site of the Holy Sepulcher is situated here.

10. Christianity is a religion that teaches about hell and heaven

The various branches of Christianity are taught about hell and heaven. Heaven is where the whole family of Christians will spend eternity in peace and happiness with God, and hell is where Satan (the Devil) resides.

11. The majority of Christians pray every day, but it’s not required.

Prayer is an essential part of Christianity as most Christians will regularly pray and offer their prayers to be grateful for God’s blessings. When you attend a church service in a church, you’ll people praying throughout the service, too.

12. You are baptized to cleanse yourself of the sin that caused you to begin with.

Every Christian is required to be baptized to purify your soul and be free of the sin they committed at birth. Since the sins committed by Adam and Eve, who were the first humans who consumed the fruit of wisdom at Eden, the Garden of Eden, every human has been born with their sin.

13. There are over 3000 missionaries around the world.

If you are wondering what the process was that Christianity has spread across the globe, It’s the result of a combination of colonialism and missionaries. There are currently around 316 000 missionaries traveling around the world spreading the message in the Bible.

An important missionary who received international media attention recently attempted to contact the Sentinelese to convert indigenous tribes to Christianity.

14. The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit

The Holy is also referred to as which signifies that God is the one God; however, He appears in three Divine Persons. These are The Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.

It can be difficult for people who are not Christians because it can be believed as if they are two different entities, yet they all belong to one Divine Being.

15. God created the universe in just seven days

While Scientists affirm that the Big Bang is the event that created the universe, Christians believe that God created it over seven days following.

  • Day 1: Light
  • Day 2: Atmosphere / Firmament
  • Day 3: Ground is dry, and plants
  • Day 4 The sun, moon, and stars
  • Day 5: Birds and sea animals
  • Day 6: Animals from the land and humans
  • Day 7: Sabbath day. rest

Wrapping Up:

There are many fascinating facts regarding Christianity and its past that are worth learning about, regardless of whether it is an actual Christian. In our modern world, many Christian customs and practices have been adapted to an ever-changing world.

Also, the church has been through numerous controversies over the past few years where priests have abused faithful Christians and monks and nuns who have committed different wrongs. In several Western nations, Christianity is in decline as increasing numbers of people switch to Atheism.

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