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15 Fun Facts About Gun Violence

It is well known that the United States suffers from a gun violence epidemic, an issue that is made worse due to inconsistencies and a lack of awareness of the issue’s magnitude and extent. Here are some amazing Facts About Gun Violence that you didn’t know about!

Understanding the facts is the first step in finding solutions and stopping some of the numerous homicides or assaults and other crimes committed by guns each year.

Here is a list of the information and research that gives a full image of gun violence across the United States — and ways to lessen it.

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Facts About Gun Violence in America

Over 38,000 individuals perished from gunshot wounds in 2016.

It’s the latest year that federal information is available. In that regard, the nation’s firearm deaths rate increased from 12.0 per 100,000 in 2016, which hasn’t been seen since the mid-1990s.

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In 2016, around 60 percent of shooting deaths were suicides, as per the CDC. In the last five years, the proportion of suicide-related deaths resulting from guns has decreased, while the number of homicides has grown. Shooting deaths from accidents have been decreasing in comparison to other gun-related deaths.

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A record 80,000 users have survived a gunshot each year.

The majority of those shot each year live to tell the tale. The victims report chronic pain, hefty medical expenses, PTSD, unemployed and social isolation.

In one sense, mass shootings are an everyday event throughout the United States.

The FBI doesn’t track “mass shootings.” Instead, it applies two definitions to define the situation: “active shooting,” an event in which at least one person is actively involved in killing others in a large area, or “mass murder,” an occasion in which at least three people are killed without excluding the perpetrator any given time, which can also occur in domestic violence.

People nationwide protested in the streets to demand more gun control laws. The specific notions about mass killings can be useful for studying the rampage events like the ones that occurred in Parkland, Florida, Las Vegas, and Orlando. However, “active shooting” omits gang and domestic shootings, and both definitions leave out any wounded. By counting mass shootings, only the dead are likely to reduce the impact firearms have on these communities.

By broadening the definition, it means situations where at least four people are killed or wounded in one single incident in any situation. Mass shootings frequently happen in America as per three years of data provided by the non-profit Gun Violence Archive, which collects its data from media accounts and other social media.

Three of the most deadly mass shooters occurred within the last twelve months in recent American history.

Mass shootings that result in at least ten victims being killed are happening more often and becoming more violent. Many experts attribute this increase to the rise of high-capacity magazines.

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HTML0 – An American woman dies after being shot dead by her companion each day for 16 hours.

760 Americans per year are killed using guns by spouses, ex-spouses, or intimate lovers. According to an Associated Press analysis of federal and state law enforcement statistics from 2006 until 2014. Eighty percent of the victims were women.

Just 13 states shut down the loophole that allows cheating partners to own guns.

In the United States, gun bans apply to those who are that is found guilty of a misdemeanor for domestic violence committed against parents or guardians, spouse or child, a co-parent, or a former or current romantic partner who lives in the same household with the offender. It does not apply to lovers who haven’t been cohabiting. Gun security advocates refer to this exemption as “the “boyfriend loophole.”

States who want to allow dating partners to be included in the ban on guns used to stop domestic violence must draft laws to allow this. So far, just 13 states have.

A lot of mass shootings stem from domestic abuse.

A study of 2009-2015 information by The Huffington Post found that in the majority of shootings that resulted in at minimum four victims shooting dead with guns (the site also considered shootings inside and outside of homes as part of its definition), The shooter targeted an individual in the family or a lover.

Suicides make up two-thirds of the deaths attributed to guns.

Based on the CDC, at least 44,965 people committed suicide in 2016, the latest year for which statistics are available. 22.938 employed a firearm. This is an increase from the 20,666 firearm death in 2012, a 10% increase in only five years.

The typical victim of suicide is a middle-aged white male. Around eighty percent of the suicide victims are males, and 83 percent are white. For Americans between the ages of 10 and 19, There were 2,553 suicides reported in 2016. Nearly half of the deaths — 43 percent were caused by firearms, as per statistics obtained from CDC.

Guns are an incredibly efficient method of ending the life of a person.

According to the study that looked at hospital data in eight states, gun suicide was responsible for 6 percent of attempted suicides and 54 percent of deaths. In perspective, drug overdoses or self-poisoning were responsible for 71 percent of suicide attempts; however, less than 12 percent of deaths.

The dangers of guns make guns a crucial target in suicide prevention because 90% of those who attempt suicide do not attempt it again.

States that have the highest rates of gun ownership have the highest rates of suicide.

An extensive study published in July by The American Journal of Public Health discovered an average of 10 per points growth in a state’s gun ownership rate. The result was a rise of 3.3 death per 100,000 gun owners, with a .5 increase for women. Another study indicates that suicides from guns have increased in the last twenty-five years across ten states.

Domestic shootings are disproportionately fatal to or hurt women of color.

In 2014 the year 2014, black women have killed more than double the rates of white women. Of black victims who knew the killers, 57% were killed by a close companion. In more than half of the instances where the weapon could be identified, women of African descent were killed using a gun following the study.

The majority of massacres victims of mass murder are African-American.

HTML0 – A New York Times study on shootings in which four or more people were killed or injured at least four people in 2015 revealed that most people killed were of African descent. Seventy-two percent of victims were males.

In the United States, your relative security in the public realm is largely contingent on your location, how much you earn, and the shade that your face is.

Accurate knowledge of how gun violence affects people is to look at not just the rates for all cities instead, but at the local rates, which could reflect a devastating gap in murder. Neighborhoods in cities with high murder rates tend to have a disproportionate number of those who have low incomes and those who are black or brown.

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Approximately twenty American youngsters have been shot during a typical day.

An analysis from a 2017 CDC study revealed that 5,790 Americans less than 17 are killed each year. The majority of those who are victims are teenagers. However, there are more than 900 shootings among children 12 and under every year. Twenty-two percent of gun shootings involving teenagers and children result in fatalities.

The disparities in the race in the adult victim of violence with guns are evident in children: black children are killed by firearms at a rate of 10 times more than white victims.

Over 215,000 pupils in the United States have lived through school shootings since Columbine.

The Washington Post has calculated that since 1999 the Columbine High School shooting 1999, over 187,000 students and children at 193 schools of secondary and primary education have been exposed to a gunshot on their campus. The Post‘s coverage captures the traumatic experience that haunts the survivors.

6 Things That Could Help Reduce Gun Violence

The evidence suggests that more thorough background checks on guns can lead to fewer gun deaths.

Federal law does not require gun buyers to pass a background check when buying from a dealer that the federal government licenses. The 19 states make it mandatory for most private sales, including those at the gun shows or arranged on the internet. You can purchase firearms through a private vendor without being screened to determine whether you have a criminal record that prohibits you from purchasing a firearm in the rest of the nation.

Research suggests that teenagers who murder other young men and the intimate partners of women who kill them often have criminal convictions that prohibit them from having firearms. Removing the means for them to purchase guns without having to go through a background screening could make it more difficult for them to acquire deadly guns. Additionally, in states that have eliminated background checks for the sale of guns to private buyers, homicides have soared. In contrast, states that have adopted universal background checks for guns have seen fewer deaths.

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One factor that may reduce the effectiveness of expanding background checks is to screen out the majority of people who aren’t permitted to carry guns in the absence of enforcement. A research study conducted in the year 2017 on the recently passed universal background checks for guns that were in place for Washington State and Colorado found that the law didn’t significantly raise the number of background checks carried out, possibly because of the non-compliance of sellers and buyers, and the lack of consequences for violators of the law.

What could prevent guns from falling into more hands of criminals: Requiring a permit to buy one.

A procedure governs 13 states to make gun owners subject to more stringent requirements than a background check. They also require that residents obtain authorization from local law enforcement agencies before they can possess a gun. Studies have shown that ” permit-to-purchase” laws lead to fewer firearms employed in criminal activities than in states with no licensing laws.

Restrictions on assault guns may help reduce gun violence.

Long guns such as the AR-15 are only used in small percentages of gun-related crimes in general, which means that banning or imposing strict regulations on such guns could not significantly impact the overall gun violence rate. However, during the ten years that the federal assault weapons ban was in place, the number of gun murders (defined as shootings that result in more than six deaths) was less frequent and killed fewer people than before. Statistics that national security advisor Louis Klarevas compiled for the book “Rampage Nation” indicate that between 1994 and 2004, an assault weapon ban became on the agenda, and there were twelve gun-related massacres that resulted in the deaths of 89. In the decade that followed, 34 gun-related massacres led to the deaths of 302.

The ban on magazines with high capacity may be more effective in cutting down gun deaths.

Magazines are the parts that feed semiautomatic guns, including handguns and ammunition. The bigger magazines, the more shots a shooter can shoot before loading. Although assault rifles such as the AR-15 may increase the danger an attacker can inflict under certain circumstances. Experts say that high-capacity magazines permit shooters to fire hundreds of shots at once without stopping, causing more damage. Also, since handguns equipped with high-capacity magazines are being found on crime scenes in certain urban areas, regulating them can bring additional benefits to public safety.

Police departments can significantly decrease violence against youth through tested strategies.

“Focused deterrence” is a tactic that detects and directs interaction with those highly likely to be violent criminals. This tactic requires police and community leaders to explain to potential criminals the consequences that their actions can bring and offer incentives to avoid engaging in violence. An expert notes a new study that found that targeted deterrence results in about a 20 to 60 percent decrease in killings and shootings if properly implemented.

“Hotspot policing” is focused on specific geographical areas, sometimes as small as a single block or perhaps one building, and concentrates on them by deploying intense police patrols. The most effective hotspot strategies concentrate on the areas and individuals most likely to become violent rather than vast sweeps. This method has resulted in a reduction in the crime rate in areas with high levels of violence and helped reduce the crime rate in neighboring communities.

Laws designed to protect children from guns owned by adults may be the most effective in making young people more secure.

There is some evidence that laws governing child access penalize gun owners who allow their children access to or use guns or who do not keep guns safe could lower the risk of injuries among children aged 14 and 20. The study, conducted over two years and led by RAND, one of the nation’s most storied and influential think tanks, has also revealed evidence suggesting that these laws can lower suicide rates among the same age group.

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