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15 Crazy Crush Facts!

Here are 15 bizarre emotional facts on crushes or crush facts that might cause you to think twice! Being in love with someone can be a bittersweet experience similar to wanting something intensely that you want it. It’s even more frustrating when you’ve got an attraction to someone, but they are unaware that you exist. If you’re in this kind of situation, then you might want to keep by reading these bizarre facts about crushes!

A crush on one is fascinated or attracted by one person for a brief period. The feelings could be misinterpreted as love since they are powerful and lead you to dream romantically about the person, go to sleep, and hinder you from working properly every day.

Everyone wants to have something they cannot get, and being in a relationship with anyone is no different. Research shows that people are attracted to people who aren’t right for them or completely unattainable. The most common reason for this is that they are not more than four months. They are just an expression of infatuation.

However, recent studies suggest that having an attraction to someone could occasionally lead to a relationship, but how long the relationship lasts depends entirely on the people in the relationship. Read on for more bizarre psychological aspects of crushes that are worth having.

Crush Facts

1. Perfection

A crush on someone causes you to see them as flawless! They are excellent or imperfect, and there’s nothing wrong with them. They’re just perfect. Someone could be the devil with the worst appearance on the planet, and you don’t care! Research has shown that if you are in love with someone, they appear 20 percent more attractive than they are.

2. Lasts Only 4 Months

Studies have shown that the average duration is four months at the most. A crush can last for up to 4 months and then end abruptly! The term “crush” refers to an infatuation or attraction, and therefore it is a brief lifespan. With time the feelings you have for your crush are likely to diminish; if they are not, maybe you’re already in a relationship!

3. Only 1% Passes The Crush Phase

Studies have shown that an average crush lasts a maximum of four months. If you are still in love with your crush following the four months, you may be in love with them. Studies suggest that just one percent of crushes end in a relationship. So the chance of your crush becoming something meaningful is less than one percent. However, who knows, you might just be!

4. Imagination Trumps Reality

Have you ever thought that thinking that you are your lover or having a virtual conversation with them is more romantic than speaking to them in actual life? When you dream about your crush. There are many bright lights in the background, but you can better view things in real life.

5. Seeing Your Crush’s Name Everywhere

Psychologists say that once you discover your love’s nickname, you begin to notice it everywhere. This is known as the “Baader Meinhof Phenomenon.” Be aware that this isn’t love. It’s just a crush, and it’s going to end in a short time, so take advantage of it for as long as it lasts.

6. The Eyes Tells It all

Studies have shown that gazing at the eyes of a person who you love can tell you whether they love you too. It is because when someone is in love with you, the look they give you will cause their pupils to dilate. Try this, look at his or her eyes for longer than 10 seconds, and If the pupils start to enlarge, it’s a sign they’ve got an obsession with you too.

7. No Telling Lies

A crush on one person makes it more difficult, to be honest with them. Because being around your crush can make you feel jittery and anxious, which means that you’ll blurt out things without thinking about them. The presence of your crush can cause you to act like a teenager who is in love, and you will be telling them the truth about everything in your life is trying to impress him.

8. Fast Heartbeat

If you are in a relationship and have a crush on someone, and they text you or phone you, then your heart begins to beat more quickly than it normally does. This is because epinephrine and norepinephrine in the brain are released into the bloodstream when you’re attracted to the person. It will cause your heart to beat, and your heart rate will increase as you listen to the voice of your lover.

9. Avoid Eye Contact

When you have an attraction to you, he’ll tend to keep eye contact with you, whereas girls, on the contrary, tend to stay away from eyes when they love people. If you observe her avoidance of your gaze or turning away from your face when you attempt to speak to her, it means she might find you attractive also or have an interest in you!

10. Missing Him Or Her

When you make it appear as if you don’t miss your crush, it could lead you to love the person more. It’s because people typically dream of what they won’t get, while the brain is a difficult method of changing things around. Do you believe that? Try it next time you’ve got an obsession with someone.

11. Lost

If someone is in love with you, they are likely to feel lonely whenever you’re around. You will be able to tell by their actions! Inability to communicate, throwing things around or fidgeting are typical actions of someone obsessed with or attracted to an individual! These are the easiest ways to tell if you’re a crush!

12. Looking His Best

If you know someone who is in love with you, then you can bet that he’ll want to be at his best whenever you’re in the vicinity, or you know you’re likely to be around! One of the easiest ways to tell is when he tugs at his hair as he looks at you or fixes his outfit, sweeping his shoulders and widening his shoulders!

13. Always Bumping Into Him

If you have an attraction to you, then you’ll begin to bump into them frequently! This is because those who are loved by someone exhibit a little kind of stalking instinct. They’ll begin to understand your schedule and appear in places where they are sure you will be there. If you notice them everywhere, you go there’s the possibility that a romance is on the way!

14. Smiling

If you are liked by someone or are a fan of you, they’ll smile when they see you in the vicinity. You need to know what the difference is, there are a variety of smiles, but if it is the one in which the person smiles with their eyes and lips moving upwards, there is a similarity and attraction smile that is in the first place!

15. Loudness

Have you ever walked by your office, and someone spoke in a loud voice or a high-pitched voice? You likely have a crush! Studies have shown that if you have a crush on you, they’ll be more likely to use a higher pitch tone or speak higher when they’re in the vicinity to draw your attention to their attention!

Signs That Someone Has A Crush On You

There are obvious and subtle indicators that will help you determine if someone is a fan of yours. A frequent indicator is when someone looks at you while you’re not paying attention. Another common sign is when they constantly think about your actions and how it appears attractive to them.

Suppose you discover someone you know acts differently when you’re around or appears to have an entirely different character than you. In that case, this could indicate that the person is interested in you! Another method of determining the person you are in love with is to observe and observe if the person is looking to be with you, even when you’re doing your normal routine.

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