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15 Amazing Facts About Starro The Conqueror!

Starro has an extensive and fascinating background within DC Comics. The character was created by the famous creators Gardner Fox and Golden Age artist Mike Sekowsky, Starro became the first villain to face The Justice League in The Brave and The Bold issue 28 appearing on newsstands and spinner racks at the close of 1959. Read more Facts About Starro The Conqueror!

The comic was a simpler period when the League comprised just The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman since Superman along with Batman is occupied with other issues. Starro is also likely to threaten Rhode Island at the time and not the entire globe.

Through the years, Starro would return again and again to face Aquaman, Superman, Batman along with the remainder from the Justice League. Starro, a starfish-like creature, would acquire different and more powerful abilities over his battle against the League and would fight in the multiverse and overcome its previous weaknesses and weaknesses, making Starro not just among the weirdest villains, but is also one of the most formidable villains to face the premier DC super-team. Here are 15 bizarre facts about Starro and the League, highlighting the worst of its defeats, thrilling (near) wins, as well as odd alliances that are sure to make you think as well as make you desire to learn everything you can about this starfish who can take on the world.


It’s true! Lawn products for lawn care have defeated Starro The Conqueror. Lime specifically. The first appearance of Starro was filled with a few choices that could seem confusing to modern comics fans. One of them is how Aquaman gets a warning regarding Starro’s appearance from Peter The Puffer Fish One of the fish Aquaman communicates with. This kind of thing isn’t going to be a thing in DC Comic today. It all happens within the Atlantic Ocean where Starro has created three starfish that have their power, and it requires the majority members of all of the Justice League to intervene.

For the League in the process of overcoming Starro’s followers, they absorb their knowledge and can learn the weaknesses of the team. There’s one person Starro’s abilities aren’t able to influence, however, it’s Snapper Carr. Are you unsure what the name of Snapper Carr is? Don’t worry! The idea was by DC to make their Justice League their own Jimmy Olsen kind of persona However, it never did the trick. However, it was revealed that the League realizes the fact that Snapper Carr was not immune to Starro’s power because he was doing lawn work and covered in lime. Green Lantern then used his ring to gather massive amounts of lime to sprinkle on Starro to quickly take him down. It was a strange method to take.


Although Starro The Conqueror, as well as The Justice League, were developed by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky The editor who initially had the idea was Julius “Julie” Schwartz. His initial concept of The Justice League was originally just an update of the Justice Society, but obviously, the League expanded beyond it was. In the eyes of DC Comics fans, Julie Schwartz is most likely the most well-known for her contribution to an era of Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil Batman period, which brought grittiness to the character post-Adam West days. According to Julie, the concept for Starro The Conqueror’s Starro The Conqueror’s name Starro The Conqueror came from the title of Ray Cumming’s sci-fi pulp story, Tarrano The Conqueror.

The story of Ray Cummings’ takes place in the year 25th century. It revolves around off-world assassins attempting to take out three of the most powerful world leaders in one go. Characters like Tarrano himself is Napoleon-style military strategist who almost took three planets. While it’s not a stretch to say Starro is a Napoleon-level strategist in the development of his character, it is clear why the name was chosen which is a vague resemblance to the plot for the alien invasion in the story.

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Following Starro The Conqueror’s initial strike at The Justice League back in December of 1959, the sly starfish wouldn’t appear on the pages of the DC magazine until the year 1977 the year Starro returned to wreck the oceans with Adventure Comics #451, where the alien starfish received the front cover treatment! The story was written by Venom co-creator David Micheline and legendary Batman artist Jim Aparo, the story is about Aquaman encountering Starro when he is searching for Aquababy. Starro discovers that it has an element of itself that was leftover from the first encounter to The Brave and The Bold #28. It was able to regenerate into a completely new Starro.

A reason which isn’t fully explained and hasn’t seemed to occur once more, Starro wasn’t strong enough to commit any crime when it was regenerated. However, when pollutants got into the ocean, it was able to gain their destructive power. To eliminate Starro, Aquaman called upon the fish community to arrive and pour new water into the area which weakened Starro. Then, Green Lantern was able to bring Starro away using the power that his ring. It’s a bit bizarre and somewhat of a disappointment when you consider how powerful Starro was right out from the beginning, but because this was a rejuvenated Starro that wasn’t as strong as the first, we’ll take this as a positive. But, Starro was defeated by freshwater.


Let’s face it, the ’80s were a strange time for lots of things, and this includes comics. For instance, in 1982 DC Comics launched a series titled Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew. Captain Carrot himself is indeed an animal. The comic takes place in the Earth-C multiverse, which is a place with talking animals that are human-like as it would be too far for a super rabbit who could talk to be part of the same universe as Superman as well as Starro. However, both Superman and Starro were guest stars as Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew.

Superman attempted to breach a wall between the world of his Earth as he got thrown out of the universe and into Earth-C in which a mysterious devolution ray was flung down by, guess what? the name, Starro. Captain Carrot along with the other animals with superpowers were unable in their efforts to defeat Starro The Conqueror, however, because Superman was in the area and was able to team up with them to fight the formidable starfish. The tale ends with Captain Carrot creating his Zoo Crew as Superman goes back to his homeworld. If Starro wasn’t such a bad guy there, you’d be able to be a bit embarrassed to see the story come so close to winning like this.

11. He can create copies of himself and REGENERATE

A single among Starro The Conqueror’s strengths that we learn later is its capacity to reproduce sexually as the earth starfish. It’s not the same as the earth starfish however, it is similar. Starro can release spores which develop into smaller copies of Starro which are telepathically connected to it and abide by its wishes. Each spore has the same abilities that the main Starro such as flight and regeneration. The spore clones also act as parasites, and when ordered by Starro can attach to the humanoid’s face to control them. They then take over the nervous system of the host and remain in control until removed from the human.

Starro’s ability to regenerate can produce different Starros and. From the smaller spore size ones previously mentioned and up to Starros which are larger than planes, or even bigger. The larger Starros can control the masses via telepathy and without relying on individual spores that control people. They can get people to fall asleep to gain access to their dreams and thoughts. Indeed, we don’t understand the reason why an enormous starfish from another planet would want to know what you’re dreaming about but we’re explaining what it could do.


In the last decade over the past decade, the Arkham series of games has proven to be regarded as one of the greatest success stories that have come from this Batman franchise in the form of video games. You may be wondering what it has to do with Starro The Conqueror and the answer isn’t all too much. However, there is some connection! The producers waited to Batman: Arkham Knight before referring to the mind control of our favorite starfish. The alien Starro himself making a small appearance!

in the Arkham Episode Batgirl: A Matter of Family, Batgirl team up with Robin to save her dad, Commissioner Gordon, from The Joker and Harley Quinn in an episode that is a prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. When you’re in this show as Batgirl and Robin, you’ll be able to make it to the theme park. If you carefully look around this amusement park you’ll notice that Starro is locked in a water-filled enclosure. Starro was meant to be the primary attraction of the park however since the park has never been opened Starro was simply kept in the cage. However, you feel about Starro it seems to be a cruel and untypical punishment for a starfish. Indeed, Starro isn’t an enticing character to play.


We’re aware that when you think of starfish, the word Terraforming isn’t the first thing that comes to the forefront. In the majority of cases for Starro Starro, the thought doesn’t even come to mind either. The majority of Starros isn’t capable of terraforming a planet. But, if the Starro can reach an enormous size, as certain are, they acquire amazing powers that include terraforming. A Starro needs to be ocean-sized and located on a specific planet to affect it. While this is unusual, its strength is terrifying and is more than even Superman could manage on their own and not like the time that Starro was encountered in the Earth-C Universe.

To transform a planet’s surface it is necessary to use the Starro makes use of its massive probes, but not in the same way as it does by making use of them to control the nervous system of a human, similar to what spore clones do. Once the Starro is connected to the planet it can manipulate the planet’s conditions by altering its atmospheric conditions, the weather, and much more. In doing this, the massive Starro which is very powerful a conqueror can use this power to control the weather and the atmosphere. Alongside Starro’s imperviousness, mental control, and spore-producing capabilities This creates Starro extremely formidable enemy that the Justice League could ever face.

8. It once took the LORD of DREAMS to defeat Starr

Grant Morrison is one of the most acclaimed comics writers to write stories for DC Comics. In the stories he has written, whether it’s the dark iconic Arkham Asylum or optimistic All-Star Superman, Morrison has demonstrated time and time again that he knows the fundamental DC characters. One of the greatest examples of this is the acclaimed Justice League of America run in which he elevated the characters that made them appear as Gods who live on Earth. If the Justice League were to become godlike characters, however, their enemies needed to be stronger as well. Two years later, in the course of the story, the writer could make them confront an army of massive Starros.

As a result, even with Justice League in full force and including Orion in Jack Kirby’s New Gods However, they can’t defeat all of these Starros. In the end, Dream of the Endless has to step in to help. The comic was created by Neil Gaiman for his series The Sandman, this iteration of Dream is Daniel who will become Morpheus’s place near the conclusion of the first storyline of the comic. Daniel can subdue The Conqueror and return it to Dreaming with him. He is it is now a group of gentle starfish in a fishbowl. Starro realized that there is always a bigger winner and Daniel was able to return to the universe, which Morpheus was still was owed a favor by.

7. He is an amusement park RIDE

Starro is a constant failure in his attempts to conquer the entire globe repeatedly however, one spot Starro has solidly established himself in is Oxenford, Australia. But don’t worry, the residents of Oxenford do not face any imminent threat of an imminent Starro overthrow. It is one of the “star” (we’re sorry, we were forced to) antagonists from The Justice League 3D – The Ride attraction located at the Warner Bros. Movie World amusement park. It’s an interactive experience that lets you use lasers and can assist with the Justice League shoot Starros!

Superman, Batman, and others appear as Starros are scattered throughout the ride you need to get rid of. They keep track of your progress so that you can check the level of your performance when you finish the ride. It’s not clear whether the League will be happy with you, your buddies and family members getting involved in League business this way however don’t keep that from having an enjoyable time! If you decide to visit Warner Bros. Movie World and you’ll see Justice League 3D – The Ride If you turn left at the gate in front.


Although Starro usually works on its own as it can create clones of itself it has joined forces with other villains to create chaos. At one time, Starro was even part of The Secret Society of Super-Villains. Although Starro The Conqueror is an intimidating adversary to those of Justice League, you wouldn’t typically associate a character such as Starro with the powerful feeling of fear. This wasn’t enough to hinder Starro from wanting to join Sinestro Corps. Sinestro Corps though, and the over-achievers that it is, not sporting only one yellow power ring as well as an incredible five power rings of yellow in total, which makes one believe that Starro is one of the most impressive characters in the Sinestro Corps.

Although we do get to see Starro dressed in his full Sinestro Corps mode in Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1 illustrated by Joe Prado, that’s more than we have of Starro as an expert in the art of using fear. Perhaps Starro is a great example of amazing off-panel moments in the Sinestro Corps and maybe Starro was not cut because of trial time however we haven’t had the chance to experience the full power of Starro with his five yellow power rings on display. Perhaps one day it will happen, however at the very least for Starro it had the chance to wear the rings for a brief scary moment. Perhaps Starro has better luck in its Red Lantern Corps, which was recently a part of Injustice.


A lot of fans of the CW DC show will recognize Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter, a character created by Arthur Darvill. performance of his character on Legends of Tomorrow. The character was created by Jack Miller and Ruben Moreira is genius-level intelligent and can travel through time. However, the character Rip Hunter, once time encountered Starro Starro that was in the distant future who could take over his thoughts and utilize his abilities to travel back in time to plan a complete takeover of the earth. In all honesty, when you consider that Starro the Conqueror is the size of a starfish This is an clever plan. Starro merits all praise for this. Good job!

With RIp Hunter gone from his picture few choices within the DC Universe for characters that could return to the past to save him and stop Starro. For the lucky Rip that one of them is his father, Booster Gold. Booster is required to join forces with the evil Lady Chronos to achieve this feat However, they can free Rip Hunter and defeat evil Starro to bring the timeline back. Although it was a brief victory, it was a victory for Starro. DC Villains will have to accept whatever they can get.


The most formidable deadly, lethal, and not to be handled with characters of the DC Universe is the vicious bounty hunter from the alien world Lobo. He’s been toe-to-toe with many of the most famous characters you can imagine and is still in existence. You’d need to be insane or clever to play Lobo. We’re not sure which of these describes Starro however The Conqueror itself went ahead and took away Lobo’s space dolphins. Indeed, Lobo has space dolphins who were taken from space by starfish. This is comics. must just accept this type of thing.

The issue wasn’t important enough that The Justice League to handled. The task of stopping Starro was assigned into the hands of DC Super-Pets and was described in the illustrated children’s book Starro and the Space Dolphins. Dawg Super Dog as well as Big Red, a super bird, can make Lobo’s space dolphins loose and take on Starro. Some days, you’ll be able to fight the whole Justice League and the New Gods and it takes Dream of the Endless to defeat you while other days you’re bitten by birds and dogs. It’s impossible to win the entire game, Starro, but you continue to try.

3. The world is almost over With a CELL PHONE Application

starro cyberspore

In addition to comics, films and television programs, DC also has books for young readers. In the novel Starro and the Cyberspore by Brandon T. Snider, we are once more witness to the events of Starro’s plans to rule the world, for a reason that’s never clarified. The gigantic alien starfish is seeking out something different to modernize its plans to rule the world and we’re grateful for it. The app uses a cell phone to turn children to resemble zombies by using the cybersport. It seems that this will need the whole Justice League to stop Starro’s plot. Yes, that includes Superman as well.

Although, this story may be somewhat heavy-handed with the way that cell phones turn children into zombies (something that your parents could be telling you (unless you’re the older cousin) however, it’s an interesting alternative to the traditional analog equivalent of smashing a starfish from another planet into a child’s face. Sure, the Justice League indeed beat Starro The Conqueror in this one, it is a given that they do however, we must thank Starro for finally stepping into the age of technology with its plans to dominate the world. Perhaps next time, they’ll attempt to utilize Pokemon Go.

2. Throwing STARTER

no justice superman starro

Many of the fans who are fans of X-Men comics are familiar with the phrase “Fastball Special.” It refers to the moment when Colossus is picked up and throws Wolverine directly into the fight and is always a hit with the crowd. Every writer who collaborates with these two characters makes use of the technique at least once in their careers. It’s amazing and, we’re not saying it’s insignificant but the special does not compare to the action Superman did within Justice League: No Justice the book that spun from the chaos of Dark Knights Metal. Superman is the first to ask permission however, he receives permission from Starro to throw the ball at Brainiac as a thrower.

Justice League: No Justice will see villains and heroes teaming together to take on an even bigger threat to the universe. This means that Superman and Starro have the opportunity to put their differences aside to fight for something more important. We don’t know for sure if Starro can be capable of beef or harboring grudges since it’s a massive parasite starfish that doesn’t have distinct goals apart from general conquering planets and a desire to take on Superman and the Justice League, because why is that? However, we would believe that should Starro had the heart of a man it was in the right spot in this particular spot, and that spot is now being targeted at Brainiac in the form of Superman.


In the years since Dark Knights: Metal, we’ve seen a different type of Starro one that can think for itself. As this list has demonstrated, Starro The Conqueror has mostly been depicted as a parasite who wants to conquer the world. Since the rock star creator, Scott Snyder got his hands on Starro, Starro has been an aggressive, condescending jerk broadcasting insults via telepathic communication since alien starfish do not have mouths, they just have huge eyes. Starro works alongside Sinestro, Superman, Starfire, and Martian Manhunter on Team Mystery, which probably isn’t the most appealing option for those who aren’t up to speed in the comics, but believe us when we say that it’s logical.

In issue 3 in Justice League: No Justice Brainiac’s homeworld Colu is threatened by Omega Titan. Omega Titan. The entire planet is bound to be destroyed, however, the League is determined to get rid of the planet, if not to save it. To deter from the Omega Titan, Starro grows in size and encircles the titan’s face to attempt to control it. Then, Starro sacrifices itself as the titan breaks it up. The League can finish by evacuating the people of Colu. Although Starro The Conqueror has been an antagonist in the past this time, it sacrificed itself in a way that was nobler than you’d think Starro would. This doesn’t mean that Starro is dead, however. After having read this list, we’re aware that Starro can regenerate itself and regenerate, so we’ll need to read more to find out what’s to come!

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