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120+ Random Fun Facts!!

One of the greatest things about being human is accumulating all kinds of trivia and random information throughout our life. These random fun facts can be excellent to break the ice when impressing your partner or taking part in a pub quiz.

However, you don’t need to use these little bits of fascinating knowledge to make their study useful. Simply reading these completely random facts about history, science and food, celebrity and our bodies, universe, and much more can make your jaw sink at least one time.

For more bizarre and out-of-the-box oddities, 100+ amazingly weird facts will make you think twice about everything.

Random Fun Facts

1. Guide dogs conduct the “business” on command -to make life easier for the owners. So considerate!

2. In the Second World War, British soldiers were left with only three sheets of toilet paper a day!

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3. In Russia, beer was thought of as an alcohol-based soft drink, not alcohol, until 2011!

4. Strawberries aren’t berries, but bananas are!

5. Tomatoes are a type of fruit.

6. The cashew nuts we consume are part of Brazil’s largest cashew fruit used to create beverages. This is a fact!

7. Mice don’t enjoy cheese! They prefer sweets if they have the option. They prefer eating fruit grains, seeds, and even seeds!

8. Turkey was likely not consumed at the first Thanksgiving. Instead, wildfowl, gander, or perhaps… passengers’ birds and swans were eaten!

9. A group of ravens can be known as a conspiracy. Dark stuff!

10. Caterpillars have 12 eyes; count ’em, twelve eyes!

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11. Mice have a funny name Female mice are doe while male mice are bucks. The baby mice are sometimes referred to as pinkies due to their color and are sometimes referred to as pups.

12. Have you ever heard that gorillas, bonobos, monkeys, and other primates create an entirely new home to rest in each at night?!

13. Chickens don’t just consume seeds. They also consume insects, as well as mice and Lizards! Ew, chickens!

14. Giraffes aren’t limited to having long necks. They also have long tongues! Their tongues measure between 18 and 20 inches.

15. In Arizona, there is no way to feed pigs garbage without authorization.

16. Sea otters love to hold the other’s paws while they sleep to not fall asleep sleeping. What is so sweet?!

17. Did you realize that jellyfish have been in the water since before dinosaurs?

18. All clownfish are male! They can also change their gender to male. However, they are unable to reverse it back into a male after doing this. Therefore, Nemo may change into a girl fish at any time!

19. Did you know that apples come from the same family of plants as roses? Also, raspberries, plums, and other delicious fruits. If you’re next time, instead of flowers, why not give your mom a beautiful bunch of plums!

20. The first Akita dog arrived in this country in 1937as a present to Helen Keller!

21. The truth is that the footprints of paws on dogs are identical to humans. Good news for dog detectives!

22. A camel could drink as much as 40 gallons of water in one sitting. It’s quite remarkable!

23. Do not carry your crystal ball into Maryland! The practice of fortune-telling is not legal in Maryland.

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24. Regarding ferrets, do you realize that they were employed to guard grains against rats?

25. The technical term for fear of long words is “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.” No way you can self-diagnose yourself with that one!

26. The White House has 35 bathrooms. This means that every bathroom break will be unique for President Obama!

27. Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. Therefore, don’t take one on an event!

28. It is not legal to hike naked in Switzerland. Although that it’s not an idea that’s generally good!

29. The flamingos’ flock is referred to as… Wait for the word… an flash! Fancy.

30. New York’s Central Park is bigger than Monaco. Yes, Central Park is larger than the entire nation!

31. The use of ferrets in hunting other animals is against the law within West Virginia. It’s good to know!

32. Don’t let your chicken cross over the highway in Georgia (the country.) No, seriously. It’s illegal!

33. This is a fact you should sit upon: More than 10,000 seats in Central Park.

34. Theodore Roosevelt’s kids had pet badgers, bears, and hyenas, to mention just a few, and they took each one to the White House!

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35. More than 700 ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics are more than 700. This is quite a bit in comparison to the 26 letters of the alphabet!

36. The tongue of a woodpecker is greater than the entire head. It wraps it around the brain to shield it from the trauma of all the pecking!

37. Saturn’s surface is less solid than water. It could therefore flounder in your bathtub it was large enough.

38. The phrase “heart of gold” was created by Shakespeare.

39. To produce one pound of honey, a bee needs to travel 90,000 miles! Even though a single bee produces one-twelfth of a teaspoon of the substance throughout its life.

40. Certain lipsticks may contain scales from fish. Eek!

41. Ostrich’s eyes are larger than its brain.

42. The United States makes 25 percent of all cheese in the world. This is an amount of cheese!

43. Here’s a tip to make you laugh. The human hand is home to 54 bones. This is over a quarter of bones found in the body. Wow!

44. Are you looking for a license plate that is in the form of an ice bear? All you need do is move from Nunavut Province of Canada!

45. What can you tell when okra is ripe? It’ll bounce as the ball of rubber.

46. The majority of U.S. stamp adhesive contains around one-tenth of calories. British stamps can cost you 5.9 calories. Of course, a single lick isn’t enough to transfer all the calories to your stomach.

47. Here’s a fun and disturbing fact not only are the groupings of crows known as murderers, but they have funerals for their deceased. Spooky!

48. Bees are the only insects that produce food to consume. Thanks, bees!

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49. Squeamish? You shouldn’t visit any cheese shop in Sardinia if you happen to meet up with Casu Marzu, which is flavored by live maggots. Eek!

50. Lettuce is part of the family of sunflowers. Have you been blown away?

51. Jin Songhao of China won the record in the world for the longest contact between skin and snow in just 47 minutes 7 seconds!

52. The largest and heftiest onion known was cultivated in the hands of Pete Glazebrook of England. It weighs 17 pounds!

53. The title of the tallest Mohawk is awarded to Kazuhito Watanabe, the Japanese stylist. The ‘hawk’ he has is three inches tall! 8.6 inches!

54. Elmer Fuddd’s first nickname was Egghead.

55. Actors who voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse in the 1980s until the late 2010s were married!

56. In certain Harry Potter movie scenes where Harry, Ron, and Hermione were doing their Hogwarts homework, they were doing their actual schoolwork!

57. Forgetful? Change your location into Eastern Pennsylvania, where the word “jawn” can be used to describe a person, location, or even a thing that you don’t recall.

58. One of the oldest cats domestically in the world was born in 1938 and lived in the 38th year of her life. She was Creme Puff of Austin, Texas.

59. It is believed that the fastest and in the world runs quicker than Usain Bolt!

60. Little brown bats are the longest nappers – in captivity, they can nap to 19.9 hours per day. I wish we could have the time to nap all day!

61. In 1935, the Detroit Lions won the Super Bowl, and the Tigers took home the world series while The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.

64. Pilots and co-pilots must consume different meals before flying to avoid getting sick from food poisoning.

65. Around 600 Parisians work in the Eiffel Tower every day.

66. Want to go to Rome? Which city? There’s a city called Rome on six of seven continents. (You dropped the ball, Antarctica.)

67. If you’re visiting Key West, you’re closer to Havana than Miami.

Interesting and Fun Music Facts

68. Mary, who was the star of “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” fame was an actual person, and the song is based on the true story of.

69. “Happy Birthday” was the first song heard on Mars. Mars Rover Curiosity played the tune when it celebrated its first birthday on Mars.

70. While listening to music, your heart may sync with the beat.

71. president Nixon was a talented musician. The president played five instruments, among them the accordion.

72. Have you got a song stuck inside your brain? It’s known as”earworm. “earworm.”

73. None of the Beatles were able to read music.

74. In reality, George Harrison could reportedly play 26 instruments.

75. Barry Manilow did not write “I Write The Songs.”

76. Metallica is the one group that has performed on every continent.

77. Many department stores play slower music to slow shoppers and keep them longer. However, this is not the case with restaurants.

78. Monaco’s orchestra is larger than its troops.

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79. One concert promoter had sold 1,000 tickets for a Spice Girl concert held in Hawaii, which was never scheduled. That may be the reason they got the concept of Fyre Fest.

80. Leo Fender, the Stratocaster, and the Telecaster were unable to play guitar.

81. In 2016, Mozart has sold more records than Beyonce.

82. At a charity event to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, one person donated $35,000 to ensure the VH1 Classic would have to play “99 Luftballons” on repeat for the whole hour.

83. “A Boy Named Sue” was not originally written by Johnny Cash. Shel Silverstein wrote it.

84. As of 2015, Belfast police employed the music of an ice cream truck to deter teens from taking part in riots.

Interesting and Fun Sports Facts

85. Gatorade was named for its creator, the University of Florida Gators.

86. China did not win its first Olympic medal until 1984.

87. Golf balls are averaging contains 336 dimples.

88. Tennis was initially played with only hands.

89. The Cleveland Browns are the only team to not play in or host a Super Bowl.

90. Wilt Chamberlain is in the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

91. Certain golf balls are filled with honey.

92. Even though it takes about three hours to complete, each baseball match lasts around 18 minutes of playtime.

93. MLB umpires must wear black underwear if they cut their pants.

94. Bo Jackson refused the teams who initially tried to recruit him for football and baseball.

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95. Both basketball and volleyball were developed in Massachusetts.

96. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls have gone through for eight seasons (starting in 1990) without losing three games streak.

97. NFL refs also earn Super Bowl rings.

98. Former President Hubert Hoover invented a game known as “Hooverball,” a combination of volleyball and tennis, and played using an oversized medicine ball.

99. One city has only had three major championships won within a single year.

100. More than 100 baseballs are played in a typical baseball game.

Interesting and Silly Human Facts

101. You shouldn’t be able to hear a hum while doing a nose plug.

102. The genes of tomatoes are more diverse than those of humans.

103. We’re one or two centimeters higher at dawn than in the evening.

104. One-quarter of bones in us are located within our feet.

105. The human body can store enough fat to make around seven soap bars.

106. You can’t lick your elbow.

107. It’s impossible to tickle yourself.

108. If we live to in the next year, we’ll have spent around an entire year sitting at the toilet.

109. You’re always looking at your nose. Your brain is just choosing not to pay attention to it.

110. Astronauts can get up to 2 inches taller when they’re in space.

111. A few blood vessels in a blue whale are large enough to allow humans to navigate through.

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112. We’re the sole species to blush.

113. It is only possible to breathe out one nostril at a.

114. Babies are born with higher bone density than an adult. (Babies are blessed with 300 bones, whereas adults have only 206 bones.)

115. Most newborns lose all of the hair they were born with when they’re about six months old.

116. It’s not possible to burp in the air.

117. Every person has their distinct scent, except identical twins.

118. The thumbs possess their rhythm.

119. Goosebumps result from making hairs of our ancestors rise, which makes them appear more dangerous to predators.

120. A sneeze flies across the air at speeds of 100 miles per hour and sends 10000 germs flying.

121. Are you aware of how a bat or whale uses echolocation to make contact? Humans, too, are able to echolocation.

122. The stomach acid can dissolve the metal.

123. The longest hiccuping period ran for a staggering 68 years.

Wrapping Up:

Hope you had a great time reading these crazy random fun facts! Don’t forget to share these facts with your friends!

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