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10 Fun Facts About Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness was first seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s WandaVision series. She then became the antagonist of the series. Agatha Harkness was a very different character than the comics. She was not fully revealed about her mystery of being a witch in WandaVision. Here are surprising facts about Agatha Harkness.

The Dunia Games team will be discussing Agatha Harkness facts that are surprising and only known to people who read Marvel comics. Let’s have a look.

10. The 12,500-Year-Old Witch

Agatha Harkness made her first appearance in Fantastic Four #94 in 1970. Stan Lee, Joe Sinnott, and Sam Rosen created Agatha Harkness as a great witch with a lot of knowledge about magic. Agatha Harkness was 12,500 years old, which was proven by an incident that occurred 10,000 BC in Marvel comics, 500 years before Atlantis fell.

9. New Salem: She betrayed her fellow witches

Agatha Harkness is a villainous witch, but she has good qualities. Agatha Harkness was a witch who lived in New Salem. She tried to improve her abilities and kill her fellow witches.

Other witches discovered the operation and punished Agatha Harkness. However, Agatha Harkness doesn’t necessarily have the reputation of being a wicked witch. She is depicted in Marvel comics doing more good works than the evil ones.

Agatha Harkness’ following exciting fact is that she was once a Nanny for Franklin Richards, Reed Richards. Agatha Harkness was determined to raise Reed Richards because she knew the Franklins had power, and she wanted to add those powers to hers. Agatha Harkness was close with Franklin and the Fantastic Four. She even assisted the Fantastic Four in some problematic missions.

7. A powerful witch

Agatha Harkness kept her powers hidden for a long time. However, her powers were brought out when she was on missions with the Fantastic Four. Agatha Harkness wasn’t an ordinary witch. She was a witch with extraordinary ability. This is evident when she protects the Fantastic Four on a perilous mission. They are greatly assisted by her strength.

6. You can manipulate other dimensions

Agatha Harkness has the ability to manipulate other dimensions; not only does she have telepathy, spells, and astral projection but also telepathy, spells, and energy bolts. WandaVision shows one of these abilities. She transforms a whole town into the place she wants. The entire town is affected, so they completed Agatha Harkness’s tasks. It takes a lot of power to accomplish that.

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5. Nicholas Scratch is her son

Fantastic Four #185: One of the most potent enemies of the Fantastic Four was a mighty wizard who had unique powers. Nicholas Scratch is the one who made Agatha Harkness go to New Salem. Nicholas Agatha Harkness was indeed her son. He lost the support of his mother when he became a wizard. Agatha Harkness didn’t admit that Nicholas was her child.

4. Scarlet Witch’s Children Made to Disappear

WandaVision has a plot similar to the Marvel comics. When Agatha Harkness became no longer needed by her family, Vision and Scarlet Witch made her their babysitter. Mephisto and Agatha Harkness had an enormous influence on the appearance of Scarlet Witch and Vision’s child. Finally, Agatha Harkness erased Scarlet Witch’s memories of her children. It was too dangerous to create them using Mephisto’s soul fragments.

3. Agatha Harkness became Scarlet Witch’s Master

Scarlet Witch lost the memory of her child, and Agatha Harkness showed her how to control her abilities. Agatha Harkness worked with the Avengers to help Scarlet Witch master magic. Finally, Agatha Harkness was capable of assisting Scarlet Witch to be more stable in her use of her powers.

2. Scarlet Witch Killed You

Scarlet Witch became a villain after the House of M incident that almost killed all the Mutants. She began to destroy the Avengers one by one after learning about Quicksilver’s death. Even Agatha Harkness, her teacher, was murdered by the Scarlet Witch.

1. Revived by Scarlet Witch’s mother

Wanda’s past is reflected in the 2015 Scarlet Witch Series. After her death, Wanda realized her past and attempted to become the Agatha Harkness-taught witch. Wanda met Natalya Maximoff, her mother, and they struggled with the chaos created by abstract entities, which made Natalya need to make sacrifices. Natalya is forced to leave, giving Agatha Harkness a second chance.

This is a fascinating article about Agatha Harkness, which not many Marvel fans know about. Stay tuned and follow Facebook and Instagram to get the most recent updates for more movie information.

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