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10 Best Cryptocurrency Courses for 2022

The internet is replete with courses and information on various subjects. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are cryptocurrency courses as well.

Moreover, if you intend to buy Bitcoin with credit card or any other virtual coin, it helps to know what you’re getting into. Therefore, if you need a recommendation for the best cryptocurrency course to register for in 2022, here are 10 top courses to get you started.

What Cryptocurrency Courses Should Entail

Not every cryptocurrency course on the internet will help you get better at trading. As such, you must know the content of a cryptocurrency course and ensure it is the right one for you at your level. When looking for the best crypto course to enroll in, you should understand that they don’t come as an all-in-one. Therefore, before you register, you want to ensure the course will give you what you need.

  • How much of cryptocurrency do you already know, and what do you want to learn? One cryptocurrency course cannot cover everything about the topic; it’ll be cumbersome to teach or understand.
  • Consider the quality of the course by reading the reviews of those in the cryptocurrency market who have gone through it. However, understand that learning experiences differ; as such, you’ll want to sieve the reviews and see if the downsides are tolerable.
  • Last but not least, weigh the price of the course with your budget and see if it fits. Your budget will determine what course to take and where to take it.

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Reasons to Take Cryptocurrency Courses

Taking cryptocurrency courses benefits the student, beginner, and investor.

  • For the student, taking a cryptocurrency course prepares you for life after college.
  • For the beginner, knowledge of cryptocurrency gives you an idea of the concept, how it works, and how to profit from it.
  • For the expert, there’s always something more; an advanced crypto course reveals to you more cryptocurrency grounds to conquer.

10 Essential Cryptocurrency Courses for Everyone in 2022

Having understood what a cryptocurrency course entails, here are 10 top cryptocurrency courses you can take in 2022;

1.      Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency from Scratch available on Udemy

This course is for those looking to join blockchain builders and own a cryptocurrency. It offers teachings on implementing blockchain, crypto, and trading concepts.

Price: $70.

2.      Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Coursera

This course is excellent for beginners; it offers lectures on the basic knowledge and advice on cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology. It offers in-depth crypto teachings making the best pick for beginners and intermediate crypto traders.

Price: Free

3.      Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Udemy

You’ll get a deep understanding of digital currencies, the types, and how each one works. Moreover, it lectures you on how to use crypto safely and effectively.

Price: $94.90.

4.      Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading, Udemy

This is the best course for trading cryptocurrency, offering five trading strategies and readily-available robots for guidance.

Price: $99.99, although it offers discounts from time to time.

5.      Cryptocurrency Trading, Udemy

This course deals with trading philosophies and risks. It provides you with skills for predicting the direction of trading markets. It consists of 6.5 hours of videos with several resources.

Price: $124.99.

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6.      Cryptocurrency Foundations, LinkedIn Learning

This course is perfect for beginner crypto traders; it is available through a monthly or annual subscription. Upon completion, you get a certificate which you can put on your LinkedIn profile for prospects.

Price: $29.99 monthly and $19.99 annually paid monthly.

7.      The Complete Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course, Udemy

This course provides you with knowledge of making passive income from Bitcoin trading. It features lifetime access to unlimited resources and a certificate upon completion.

Price: $124.99

8.      One Core Program, Asia Forex Mentor

This course is exclusively for beginner crypto traders; it is all-inclusive, revealing ways to invest and trade crypto. This forex course will teach you a lot about top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Price: $997.

9.      The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Course, PiggiBacks

This is comprehensive, ongoing cryptocurrency training for beginners; it provides access to at least 33 videos and covers basic to advanced trading techniques. If you’re confused about how to start your crypto learning journey, this is one course recommended for you.

Price: $197

10.  The Complete Cryptocurrency Course, Udemy

This course is for intermediate cryptocurrency traders; it covers crypto mining, investing, wallets, exchanges, and creating a diversified portfolio. To enjoy the content of this course, you must have prior knowledge of the basics of cryptocurrency.

Price: $79.99

In conclusion, there is a cryptocurrency course for every cryptocurrency knowledge level: novice, beginner, or investor. For example, if you’re already an investor, there’s no point in registering for a beginner cryptocurrency course. What you will need at that point is an intermediate or expert course to scale your trades.

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