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10 Amazing Facts About Sutton Stracker

After Lisa Vanderpump departs from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” there’s a replacement. Read more Amazing Facts About Sutton Stracker here!

Her name is Sutton Stracke. You don’t have to be familiar with her as she’s new. If you are a fan of RHBH, you will want to prepare for the new reality star.

These are ten facts about Sutton Stracke that will help you get ready.

  1. She is Lisa Rinnas’s best friend
    Lisa fans will be pleased to learn that Vanderpump’s replacement, Rinna, is close to Rinna. Sutton and Rinna have close friendships, so we can expect to see some new drama on the show. Stracke will make her debut on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Sutton is one such lady who brings with her many great connections. Sutton is an expert in hosting parties and was included on the Salonniere 100 list as one of the best hosts in the United States. She ranked number 39 in 2017.
  2. Celebrities are connected to Sutton
    Sutton Stracke is familiar with many of the biggest names in the industry. She’s the person to call when you want to throw a great party. Everyone knows she does a great job. Sutton is a friend of Lisa Rinna and a friend of “Bride of Chucky’ star Jennifer Tilly. Sutton has made many meaningful connections in her personal life, which will only help to enhance the show’s season.
  3. Stracke is a southern lady.
    Sutton, a southern debutante, is well-trained in etiquette. She is exceptionally skilled in entertainment and how to behave like a lady. She is strong, capable, outgoing, and a businesswoman. Christian Stracke is her husband, and they have three children together. She is a mother to Philip, James, and Porter. As part of her job, she throws amazing parties for others. We are excited to get to know her. She is active and accomplished.
  4. She respects the privacy of her husband
    Sutton uses Instagram a lot. You can follow her on Instagram to see what’s happening and stay up-to-date with new developments. She posts quite a lot about her children and what she is up to. However, she is careful to keep Christian, her husband, private to avoid seeing too much about him. We have a lot of respect for her style of representing her family via social media.
  5. Some cast members are nervous about Sutton’s appearance in the show.
    Recently, we learned that Sutton’s acceptance to the Beverly Hills Housewives was kept secret for quite some time. The rest of the cast was kept in suspense by this. The model was told that a new wife would join them when filming began in September. However, they were not told exactly who it would be. Everyone was intrigued by this element and tried to determine how it might impact the group’s dynamics. The secret is out, so we will have to wait and watch what happens on the show.
  6. Tori Spelling was beaten for the role
    Rumors circulated that Tori Spelling wanted a role on “The Reals Housewives of Beverly Hills.” However, she said in an interview that she wasn’t invited. There could have been many people involved, but Spelling was not selected for the role, and Sutton Stracke was instead asked to join.
  7. Sutton has big shoes for Sutton
    Sutton Stracke might have trouble warming the hearts and minds of Lisa Vanderpump fans, but she may be able to do so. In the eyes of some viewers, she was the show’s queen. We recently found out that they don’t want her replaced even though it’s necessary. Sutton might find it challenging to get the ratings she needs. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.
  8. Sutton Stracke will open her own business
    Stracke is not the kind of woman who would take it easy. Distractify reports that Stracke is looking to open her clothing shop. She will have more things to do with this new venture.
  9. She is a fashion guru.
    Sutton Stracke looks stunning every time she appears, no matter if she’s wearing a vintage gown or going out to shop. Sutton is a fashion-forward and stylish woman. We think this is something that RHBH fans will love about Sutton.
  10. This season, she’s going to make a significant change on the show
    Change is inevitable when you bring a new personality or face to the group. Sutton Stracke is joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and will bring a fresh dynamic to the show. Some Vanderpump loyalists aren’t sure if they’ll like the new addition. However, others are excited about something new and refreshing. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens once the new season begins.

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