First Kill is the newest original series from Netflix and it transports viewers into a world of vampires as lead character Juliette is forced to earn her fangs by making her first kill. She sets her sights on a new arrival in town, Calliope and a complicated tale begins to unfold as it’s revealed that Calliope belongs to a family of vampire hunters. The series takes place in Savannah, Georgia but where was First Kill filmed? Did it use the real city as a location?

FIRST KILL RELEASE DATE AND PLOT PREVIEW First Kill swept onto Netflix on Friday, June 10th, 2022. Based on the short story of the same name by Victoria Schwab, First Kill tells the story of a teenage vampire, Juliette, who must make her first kill to take her place among her powerful vampire family. Juliette sets her sights on a new girl in town, Calliope, but as Juliette gets closer to her victim, she learns Calliope comes from a family of celebrated vampire hunters. Matters are complicated even further as the pair begin to develop feelings for one another, which will make killing the other decidedly harder.

WHERE WAS FIRST KILL FILMED? First Kill was filmed in and around the cities of Savannah and Atlanta in the state of Georgia in the US. Production on the series began in May 2021, eventually wrapping later that year in August. Filming took place primarily in Savannah, Georgia – which is where the series is set – with several locations in and around the city playing host to First Kill film crews. Several residential neighbourhoods can be seen throughout the series as well as a local school which doubled as Lancaster Academy. The city’s Colonial Park Cemetary at 200 Abercorn Street also played host to a few scenes.

OTHER PROJECTS FILMED IN SAVANNAH, GEORGIA While Atlanta may be the filming hub of Georgia, Savannah has attracted some big-name productions of its own in recent years. The city offers financial incentives to productions that use Savannah for filming, resulting in almost 1,000 productions using the location in recent years.